Player of the Week – Joshua Rosa


Joshua Rosa is a gifted product of the Bronx New York. The Youth league Baseball champion is a freshman at John F. Kennedy High School and is projected to play baseball and basketball for his school this year. Joshua is also a top contender in the Wallball youth circuit.

“I play Wallball because it’s fun, I get to meet new friends and I get to play and spend time with my Dad.”

A son will develop the qualities of their father. Joshua’s Dad Carlin taught him how to play Wallball and baseball but most importantly the power of perseverance.

“My Dad just does not give up, he is so talented and wants me to do my best”.

Watching Joshua on the court you can see that he is fully engaged in the game and loves to play.  He is a fierce competitor with a will to win no matter the situation. Joshua is often the youngest player but always remains confident and never gives up.

“Keep pushing yourself because I use to lose tournaments, now i’m coming in second place in 17 and under and i’m 14”.

With his father by his side, natural talent and hardwork, Joshua can fulfill his dreams of playing professional baseball. The sky is the limit for our youth. Through sports we can teach them valuable life lessons, have fun and forge bonds.

“I learned teamwork and how to control my temper from playing Wallball”.

Congratulations and good luck to our Player of the Week Joshua Rosa.