The U.S. Wall Ball Association Inc.

For ten years, The United States Wall Ball Association (USWA) has provided more than 2,000 young athletes from around the New York metropolitan area with an opportunity to realize their full potential with only a ball…a wall…and a dream.

The USWA is a not-for-profit national organization that utilizes the sport of Wall Ball (known to many as “handball”) to motivate and inspire young people in underserved communities throughout the New York metropolitan area, to stay in school, embrace a healthy lifestyle, and pursue productive alternatives to drug use and violent behavior.

Categorized as a 501(c)(3) and based in Staten Island, NY, the USWA was founded in 2010 by entrepreneur and athlete Jasmine Ray. The USWA currently serves thousands of children and young adult Wall Ball athletes (ages 25 and under) with Wall Ball serving as a backdrop for its special events.

The History of Wall Ball

Our Team

  • Robert A. Celestin Esq.

    Board Chair

  • Dr. Jonathan Hoskins

    Board Member

  • Robert Fanuzzi

    Board Member


This organization serves to honor the memory and the legacy of our Founder’s youngest brother, Jonathan Ray who inspired many through his association and accomplishments in sports. He was hard working, dedicated to his teammates and heavily invested in his peers. His spirit will forever live on through the work of this organization and the lives it continues to touch.

Jonathan Robert Ray

Sunrise: October 12, 1993

Sunset: October 24, 2009