Player of the Week – Steven Rodriguez

Steven Rodriguez, 20, a father to one-year-old Gregorous Rodriguez, has not only experienced growth on the wallball courts but off the courts at home with his son.

Staying focused on the most important things in his life is what keeps Steven going. Being able to provide for his son has become his priority and doesn’t let the responsibilities of being a young father bother him. While being a father, Steven has developed a relationship with his son that is indescribable, “not only is Gregorous my son but he’s like a brother.” Steven says, “The feeling is unexplainable. I look forward to learning many more things.”

Steven was introduced to wallball at the age of seven by his family members who have all played the sport at one point in their lives. Gregorous, who will be two years old in July, has already been to the courts his father loves so much.  


Wallball has also given Steven a responsibility he didn’t foresee. Not only is he a competitor on the court but a mentor for others, “wallball makes me more calm. I see things in a more mature point of view. Now I’m able to advise players that are older than me.”

Even though wallball has always been apart of Steven’s life, the responsibility of a being a father has proved why he’s worthy of being Wallball’s Player Of The Week. “Handball is one thing, but life has responsibilities to take care of.”

The road of fatherhood has not been easy for Steven, knowing he’s not able to see his son all the time. However, he doesn’t allow distance to diminish the bond he has created with his son, “the influence my son pumps in my veins allows me to strive to become a better father. With or without anyone by my side.”

Steven’s message to all the young fathers is simple and concise:

“Pick your pants above your waist, and don’t waste time.”