Player of the Week – Tiffany Mercado


Born to popular NYC wallball athletes, “Lefty” Sarah and Julio, Tiffany Mercado has the sport etched into her DNA. Tiffany started playing wallball at 8 years old at St. James Park. Her parents showed her the ropes not only on the court, but especially off the court. “My parents taught me that ‘handball’ keeps kids and young adults from taking the wrong turn in life and keeping them off the streets, but also that it isn’t going to pay your bills so I make sure my priorities are straight because ‘handball’ will always be there.”

To that end, Tiffany found a way to use her passion of baking as a means to earn income. The young entrepreneur serves up cookies and cakes with the brand name “Savannah’s Sweets”, named after her 2 year old daughter Savannah. “I love baking and in the next few years I will open up my own bakery” she says confidently.

Tiffany admits that she was a sore loser as a young girl but has learned to control her anger and takes a more humble approach from watching her Mom compete. It was only when she began to respect the game and her opponent that she won her first tournament. She wants the next generation of wallball athletes to apply the same lessons of respect on and off the court which go a long way in real life.

Check out @Savannah.sweets on Instagram.

Congratulations to our Player of the Week, Tiffany Mercado!