Player of the Week – “Surfer” Corey Vadala

Player of the Week – “Surfer” Corey Vadala

Quick Facts:

25 years old

6’0”175 pounds Hometown – Lindenhurst, Long Island

Food – Steak, eggs and cheese on a hero

Favorite Sneaker – Nike (Lebrons)

Team Iphone

Left handed but strong hand is right hand in wallballCorey Vadala grew up in a tight knit, hard working family in Lindenhurst, Long Island. The youngest of 4, Corey learned how to play hockey at a very early age from his sister. At 8 years old he began playing wallball with his Father “Surfer Mike” hence the name “Surfer Corey”, a key fact being his dad is an actual surfer but Corey never hit the waves. Corey recalls being young and physically unable to compete against older and stronger wallball players but his father always chose him as a teammate. They took a lot of losses but with losing comes lessons. These lessons would be the foundation for Corey to become the man he is today. “I remember being so small and weak and no one wanted to play against me and my Dad but he never cared what anyone thought and always called next with me. We would always loose so bad, and yet he never gave up on me” Corey said.


During High School Corey didn’t play much ball but was a standout Hockey player and went on to play at Suffolk Community College. Following college he began to hit the courts more consistently and playing in tournaments. In 2017 Corey’s family experienced some devastating losses. His brother who was a Fire Department EMT suffered life ending injuries in a car accident at only 26 years old. The very next morning Corey played in a tournament. A few months later both of his grandmothers passed away. He recalls coping with his losses by playing wallball. “The one thing about ‘handball’ with me is as soon as the game starts and the score is called there is nothing else in the world that matters” Corey said.


Today Surfer Corey is 25 and is coming off a notable 2018 handball season which has his name ringing around New York City. He’s excited about competing this year and especially wants to place in KOTC this summer. When he is not playing wallball he is working at the family owned carpet store by day and valet parking at night. Corey is athletic, skilled, hard working and has a humble spirit. “The main thing I have learned from my father is to win or lose gracefully and respectfully no matter the situation” says Corey. Congratulations to our new Player of the Week – Corey “Surfer” Vadala