Player of the Week – Lily Fung


Lily Fung is an advocate for women’s empowerment on and off the court. The youngest of 4, Lily was practically raised by her 3 older sisters. She grew up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn with both parents who have now been married for 35 years. Her Father is a restaurant owner and her Mother is retired. They have instilled the importance of loyalty, education, and hard work into Lily since she was a child. When asked what she has learned from her parent’s relationship, Lily says “to love each other no matter what kind of stupid fights come along, no matter what challenges occur. It’s about how you get through it together that matters.”


All 3 of Lily’s sisters played wallball which is what inspired Lily to play at the young age of 10 years old. “I played everyday after Junior High School and High School” Lily says. Since then, she has played in dozens of wallball tournaments. She also traveled to Mexico, Calgary and Colombia to play and push the sport forward with hopes to make wallball more recognized on an international scale. “I believe that if more players traveled to these international tournaments, those countries will see how big it is and then it’ll eventually go into the Olympics” Lily says. Lily does not only play wallball but she also has organized her own tournaments for female athletes. “I learned that being organized is super helpful and being able to manage a tournament is difficult so I learn how to have patience and understanding for all the players” she says.


Lily is now 23 years old, she graduated from Brooklyn College in May 2017 with a Bachelors in Finance. Today she works at New York Presbyterian Hospital as a Leave Coordinator. 

“I’d like a career in an investment bank. But my passion is working with kids. I’ve babysat and tutored kids while I was in college and I absolutely loved it. My goal is to have my own tutoring/day care center” Lily says. Lily’s passion and appreciation for the game of wallball makes her an invaluable member of the wallball community.


Lily continues to put in work at the gym to stay sharp on the court while excelling as a working professional. She is more than deserving of the Player of the Week honor and we would like to say thank you.


Congratulations to the Player of the Week, Lily Fung!