Player of the Week – Jewelz Santiago

The American Dream

At the age of 11 years old, Jewelz Santiago arrived to the United States in 1994. She attended Mother Cabrini, an all girls Catholic High School in Manhattan. As a member of the school volleyball and baseball leagues, it was there when she developed a love of sports. One day while engaging in community service with her classmates she saw some people using their hands to hit a ball against a wall. As fate would have it Jewelz was drawn to the court, fell in love with the game and would forever be hooked.

Jewelz has been part of the wallball community for 18 years now. She says it has helped her to learn self control, how to dispute a disagreement without arguing and how to learn from losing, all lessons Jewelz applies to her daily life and professional career. She is a successful insurance agent who leverages her highly competitive nature and social skills to win in the corporate world. Jewelz started out with zero knowledge of the insurance industry but took advantage of an opportunity, applied herself and today (10 years later) has her own office where she hires and trains agents, makes her own schedule and has unlimited earning potential.

Her father through tireless labour, belief and dedication laid the foundation for Jewelz and her 3 siblings to reach their potential. “I never thought a human was capable of working that much! The man doesn’t stop.  He is the reason why I always wanted my own business, so that I could force him to retire,” she says. Jewelz believes that although education is the key to life, the act of giving can contribute to a better world. “Everything in life is taught…even hate.” In lieu of the political climate of this country Jewelz is a prime example of an immigrant making a significant and impactful contribution to the United States and our wallball community. Congratulations to our Player of the Week, Jewelz Santiago!