Player of the Week – Timbo Gonzalez

Three Times the King

 “Hope is not a strategy” – John C. Maxwell

 Some believe success is a matter of destiny, while others believe it is a matter of determination. When you look at the case of Timbo Gonzalez; a young male who grew up in one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the Bronx, stabbed while attending Junior High School, abandoned by his Father at an early age, a lack of education in his family and a troublesome disposition, one might argue this individual is being set up for failure. However, combine that with a Mother who emphasized the importance of education, a loving step-father who takes you under his wing and a determination to prove the world wrong and you breed a champion. Congratulations to our Player of the Week and the NYC King of the Court – Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez.

 Timbo was never the ideal athlete. At only 5’4” his entire teenage years and a serious case of asthma, he couldn’t run a mile without running out of breath. Without the aid of medication, something in this young man told him he could beat asthma and so he pushed himself almost the point of fainting just to prove he was capable of keeping up with his classmates in school. Outside of school his parents played handball. On the court, Timbo wouldn’t take no for an answer when asking to play with the older crowd. He recalls “they never took me serious, but even at a young age I was always determined to prove people wrong.”

For anyone who has ever witnessed this now Professional Athlete and handball phenomenon on the court, it’s when the crowd is against him that you see him perform at his best. Timbo thrives off of turning negative energy into fuel. As a child he didn’t depend on asthma medication and as an adult he doesn’t depend on the applause. What separates him from the rest is pure grit, self-discipline and determination. Hope was never his strategy and any statistic would’ve given him a different outcome but give a child a ball and surround him with people who care and you too may breed a champion.

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