Player of the Week – Dan Grant


Dan Grant

UK Wall Ball

Born just outside London, Dan Grant, age 30, began his affair with sport during his time in the prestigious Merchant Taylor School (MTS). After being exposed to multiple sports, Dan was keen to pursue a version of wall ball called “Fives.”



When we think of wall ball champions in Europe, often the Irish come to mind. Grandfathers to the modern day game, the Irish have dominated the European rankings for both indoor and outdoor wall ball. Dan, crossing over from the local English game of Fives, was one of the United Kingdom’s first champions. As a player, Dan Grant was one of the first non-Irish European players to cross the Atlantic and win championships in the United States. Moving to present day, Dan has won numerous European and U.S. titles in both wall ball and racquetball. He is currently one of the few non-Irish European Open players, as per US ranking standards.

Winning championships, as prestigious as it may be, has not been Dan Grant’s main inspiration for his involvement in the sport. Dan is the current President of the UK Wallball Association. He also sits on the board for the European Pro Tour as a founding member. In 2014, UK Wallball set the standard for what an international competition should be. Hosting over 120 players, representing a dozen countries, the UK Open became the template for future European Pro events. Recognizing his achievements, as both a top Fives player and a founding father for UK Wallball, Dan was asked to carry the Olympic torch for the opening of the 2012 London Games.

Dan has been an inspiration to players and wall ball enthusiasts all around the world. Even beyond his wall ball accolades, Dan is a respected practicing physician in the London metropolitan area. With big plans to further expand in the city of London, the sky is the limit! Thank you for everything you have done for our sport! We salute you and congratulate our new player of the new – Dan Grant!