Handball is a New York City sport played by all ages and abilities across the 5 boroughs. With COVID-19 disrupting tournaments in 2020 & 2021 and the ability for players to gather, this proposal answers that challenge with an innovative solution to provide a way for a single player to challenge themselves at their local courts.

Wall Games is designed to provide a physical and creative outlet for local players and communities – Challenging your physical ability and mind to go against the wall, through uniquely designed & placed targets.


The US Wallball Association (USWA) in partnership with NYC Parks and The New York City Council has identified 3 Handball courts/walls in Staten Island and The Bronx to gamify the wall through targets that turns the wall into a game: A game of skill and challenging individual players to hit various themed targets incorporated into the wall & court area.


Once we reveal the target locations we will debut a “how to” video tutorial on our website that will show you several games you can play against yourself or a single opponent utilizing the targets. Our mission is to also distribute 2,000 FREE balls citywide to assist with gameplay. More to come on this!