Article Written By:  Christina Torres

“Young people in the business have grown up and made wrong decisions, or bad decisions, and haven’t been good role models.To be someone that people look up to is important to me”

-Justin Bieber

Congratulations to Our New Player of the Week – Christian Guzman. Christian was born on May 8, 1997. He is a fifteen year old teenager who loves handball. He attends Stevenson High School located in Bronx, New York. Christian grew up in the Bronx and is still currently living there. He believes the Bronx has the best players and he aspires be one of them soon.

Christian was first introduced to handball when he was eleven years old. His first game of handball was played at Castle Hill Park in the Bronx. At first, he couldn’t even keep his eye on the ball to hit it. Now after practicing with all ranked players, Christian kills, spikes and rolls the ball. In the winter you can catch him playing in one of the most populated handball facilities; Zerega, Bronx New York. Christian states “Handball keeps me healthy and in shape.”

This recent week Christian defeated one of the greatest handball players of all time John “Rookie” Wright. Christian played him in a doubles match. The game was, Christian and his partner Angel against Rookie and Luis. This is one of Christian biggest wins and he is so excited about it! Christian is an enthusiastic young teenager who uses every minute of his spare time to play handball.

Every teenager has a player that they look up to or admire. Christian’s favorite A player is Del “Pooch” Garnett, from the Bronx.

When asked “Why is Pooch your favorite A player?”

His response was “Out of all the A players, Pooch was the only one who took his time to teach me the correct way to hit the ball and play.”

Christian Guzman’s goal for this summer is to win at least one junior tournament. With Pooch helping him out, he will surely accomplish that goal.



Christian Guzman 

Del “Pooch” Garnett & Christian Guzman