The Provincial Committee of Handball (Dr. Enrique Rugel -President-, Lcdo. William Coello -General Coordinator-) and the Municipality of Guayaquil City (Ab. Jaime Nebot -Mayor-, Ing. Jorge Arosemena -Sport Director-) , led to the 2nd dig Internaciona Handball Tournament Ecuador 2011, Entitled “City of Guayaquil as the beginning of the series of sports that were held with the Municipality of the city .

Participated in this tournament players from the USA, Costa Rica and throughout Ecuador

On Friday July 1 began in the Championship from 1pm with the Youth category, having 64 youth to participate. On this day played the qualifiers to reach the quarter-finals, they would be played on Sunday July 3.
young people showed great interest in the tournament and played very entuciasmo.

On Saturday 2, at 10am kicked off the opening, having as invited to the athletic director of the municipality of Guayaquil. Then marched the players in a record 118 players registered in all categories, these are Youth (-19) Absolute (-40) and Master (+40). Dance-therapy group gave him the touch of joy to the inauguration. Then began the exhibition match between Edy “Shooter” Ramos (USA) andJohn Osorno (Costa Rica), Luis Velez against Ecuador and Vladimir montalvo. At 1130am kicked off the games at senior level to 5 pm singles, doubles and started after the master class. these two categories alone would play until the quarterfinals. the semifinals and finals would be played on Sunday.

On Sunday 3 the finals were held with parties full of emotion, especially in the youth category in which Vladimir Montalvo was crowned champion, beating Billy Icaza (21 to 13). Young peoplemoved around the court and made points very difficult to achieve. These young Catholic University of Guayaquil, offered scholarships to pursue their studies at their institution, it THROUGH theAthletic Director Mr. Enrique Cevallos recognized basketball coach in the country. The doubles final was won by youth Billy Icaza and Enrique Hugalde against Vladimir Zavala Alex Montalvo andthe marker (21 to 14).

Master category also had its champions in singles Jose Alvarado (21 to 12) was the champion, and Doubles William Coello / Enrique Rugel (21 to 13) took the title.

Then they played the doubles final at senior level, leaving the pair champions William Coello <Ecuador> and Ed “Shooter” Ramos <USA> score (21 to 10).

The last game and was the most anticipated Final Singles who starred in the Ecuadorian Hector Centeno North American and Latin root Eddy “Shooter” Ramos, was a very even game from start toend, in this occasion he saw a good display is technical in players, a very tense and exciting game. Eddy Ramos was crowned champion 21-18.

At night there was an awards dinner with officials and executives of the country’s handball.

Players Ecuadorians began to prepare for their participation in the World Cup to be held in Dublin, Ireland from October 4, 2012.


Conclusions: In this tournament, the expectations were met, as they passed the target of 100 players (to reach 118), we have the support of the municipality of the city, and sponsoring companiesand sports federations in the country, which are very grateful. The next year we hope to exceed the target of 150 players and we are confident that if we can. We Handball, Ecuador if you can!


William Coello
General Coordinator