This week we recognize a talented athlete from our sister city of Philadelphia. By nature he is modest, humble and quiet but on the court he is aggressive and his arsenal of shot selections are dangerous. According to #1 Wall Ball (handball) Athlete Timbo Gonzalez, “that kid is definitely someone to keep your eye on.”

Jomar Santana was born in Carolina, Puerto Rico. Before his 1st birthday his Mom uprooted him and his 3 siblings to Philly where he has made a name for himself on the courts. At the young age of 20 Jomar is a dedicated family man with 3 children, Joandry (3), Joyce (1) and Mia (8 mos) and his girlfriend of 5 years Jandelize. After graduating from Thomas Edison H.S., he went straight to work to support his family and in the midst of hard economic times he finds himself working a lot harder than his peers. Still, he manages to fit in a few games a week and practically dominates the court. “I live across the street from a park and always looked out my window and wondered what those guys were playing. In 2003 I decided to approach them and from that day on I never went back to any other sport. I was hooked. In 2009 I started to play competitively and that’s when I really fell in love with the sport. The old school guys kept picking me to play with them and that’s when I knew I was on another level. Handball took me in another direction. I was never in any serious trouble but I use to do bad things that I guess all kids do. Handball was something that definitely kept me out of trouble. It’s good to be around especially when it’s easy to go down another path these days.”

In our opinion, Jomar is definitely going to be the competition to beat this year as he plans to take more trips to New York to compete in tournaments. He looks forward to competing in Red Bull Slaps with his partner of 5 years Manny and as far as the competition in New York he aims to challenge none other than Pro Athlete Timbo Gonzalez. “That guy is tough and he’s one of my favorite players. Every time I play him, I’ll be in the lead and all of a sudden he turns on like a switch and dominates. I’m coming for him this year.” Jomar humbly admits to being one of the best players to grace the courts in Philadelphia. This was proven by his back to back city-wide tournament victories with his partner Manny in 2012 and 2013 before his idol, Pro Athlete Wally Amaro encouraged him and his partner to split up just to give other competitors a chance at the title. He says “I encourage all the guys in Philly to be better. They have to step up to the plate and try harder. There are over 40 of us that play competitively and I think we have what it takes to make a name for ourselves in this sport.”

We look forward to watching Jomar and Manny this year compete in Slaps and hope that our Philly players follow suit and rise to the occasion. Congratulations to our new Player of the Week, Jomar Santana! ‪#‎PlayHandball‪#‎WallBallWorld ‪#‎USWA