This past weekend (12/9/17), with the help of our sponsors we hosted a Pro Wallball Exhibition at Matchpoint NYC in Brooklyn. This was the last Wallball tournament of 2017 in which we had Puchol II, who is the #1 ranked athlete in his country, Valencia, as well as other international guests, who traveled halfway across the globe to collaborate for such a special event and compete against our #1 handball player, Timbo Gonzalez.

Congratulations to the winners of the Spain vs USA Pro Wallball Exhibition!

Female Paddleball Doubles

Jasmine & Cynthia

Male Paddleball Doubles

Keith and Glen

50 and Over Male Singles 



B Doubles Females


Crystal & Emerald

B Doubles Males 

Alien & Dolo Danny

Junior Singles

Dan Pitre


Final Female Pro Doubles 

Jessenia & Melanie

Male Pro Doubles

Bori & Timbo



Spain vs USA

Timbo Gonzalez

We’d like to give a special thanks to:

Our Exhibition Athletes – Crystal R., Lou C., Jasmine, Cynthia, Mireya, Miriam, Raul, William R., David B., Keith, Bay L., Danielle D., Jenny Q., Veronica F., Quasia Z., Emerald R., Tiffany M., Desiree G., Jessenia G., Melanie G., Johanna P., Eifia, Suup O., Santana C., Anthony D., Daniel E., Chullo M., Daniel P., Kadeem B., Johnny V., Timbo, Luis G., Puchol II

The Wallball Team – May, China, Larry, Mousie, Mike, Jay, Sonny, Redd, Chris, Cisco, Lil Eddie, Jose, Stokes and our host, DJ

The Sponsors – Red Bull, Pilota 2.0, Viajes Transvia, Solimar, Balearia, Eresa, Imedes, Gesmed

The Organizations – Newk Network, Edge Photography, Nassau/Speno LI, Ladies of Handball, W4th St., Handball Legends, Lincoln Terrace Association

The Spectators – We sincerely hope you enjoyed the entertainment, food, music, laughs and the family friendly atmosphere. Thank you for cheering on our dope athletes.




Brooklyn Borough President Eric L. Adams
The Brooklyn Eagle
NY1 News


CLICK HERE for our tournament photo album

CLICK HERE to view the Pro Male Doubles Match