This week Wall Ball is taking it back to the beginning of our existence, when the sport of Big Blue 1-wall received minimal recognition among the different variations of our sport. Today not only has our sport finally graced the cover of the U.S.H.A. magazine (cover titled “Timbo Time” highlighting Red Bull Athlete Timothy Gonzalez), but our sport has become the absolute favorite over every variation of the sport (1-wall, 3-wall, 4-wall, small ball, etc.) amongst the international community!

This year was a critical and yet significant advancement for our sport in that it has been accepted by the International Olympic Committee for demonstration in the World Games 2017. And in one of the toughest markets in the world, after nearly 3 decades New York City still recognizes the sport of Wall Ball as “the city’s most popular activity” (according to the Parks and Recreation Department.) We have over 2,000 courts open and available to the public year round.

To celebrate our most recent achievements Wall Ball will highlight the Leaders of Big Blue 1-wall for the months of September and October in what we’d like to call “Players of the Week Leaders Edition.” Stay tuned…

Congratulations to our very 1st Players of the Week – Ardit Bita and James Aguilera for a stunning victory at the PHA’s men’s “B” doubles on May 5, 2011! Both James and Ardit have since graduated to the Professional Division of Wall Ball and their “A” cards have been effective as of 2012.  Their journey, like ours has been one to look back on and be proud of. Best of luck to all Big Ball players around the globe!

Wall Ball


*Last Event of the Season – GUZ vs ZEREGA / Saturday, December 7th

September/October – Team Tryouts 

November – Teams Locked, Sponsors Revealed, Coin Toss

Team GUZ contact Larry 347-272-3621

Team ZEREGA contact Pooch 212-804-8849



**please voice your opinion on where you think GUZ vs ZEREGA should be hosted for 2013

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