Leading By Example

Big Blue Battle in Brooklyn & The USWA Junior Doubles Event

A child’s mind and imagination are precious and fragile. They constantly need to be stimulated and nurtured in positive ways. In the words of Albert Einstein “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” This is not to say that education is unimportant, rather the quality of our lives determine the level of understanding we have about ourselves and each other. The world of sports has a tremendous impact on how we develop physically and mentally. This past weekend the United States Wall Ball Association was able to execute one of the largest Big Ball events of the year with hundreds of players and thousands of spectators all in attendance to see our Juniors compete. Their vision is to use the sport of Wall Ball as a vehicle to inspire and empower an individuals growth, imagination and life. During the Back to School event the entire crowd was full of cheering and laughter while encouraging and teaching our young athletes precious principles and values in life. This event which was also coined “The Back to School” tournament armed our juniors with backpacks, t-shirts, notebooks, pens, pencils and folders in hopes to assist parents with materials needed to return to school.

Wall Ball World and the U.S.W.A.would like to give a special thank you to our sponsors Ektelon & RockStar Energy drink for their generous donations. Also, we would like to show our appreciation to our event partners: Mousie & China of “Ladies of Handball,” Karen McConney of “The St. Alban’s Handball Association,” and top “A” players Timbo Gonzalez and Lil Eddie Santiago.

The success of this event was heavily due to your hard work and dedication to handball. We thank you!

In addition we’d also like to thank all the parents and the 130+ Juniors who competed and showed each other support. Unity and community is what the sport of Wall Ball is all about. You guys make us proud!

Congratulations to the Champions of the Big Ball Pro Events & the “Back to School” Junior events! We are proud to introduce you to our Players of the Week:

Back to School Junior Event:

Male 14-17 Division: Matthew Perez & Michel Kenny Ngai

Female 14-17 Division: Desiree Torres & Tiffany

13 and under co-gender: Isaias Rivera & Jonathan Ruiz

Men’s Open Division: Givonni Vasquez & Justin Rodriguez

Women’s A/B Division: Tee Tee & Jecela Rivera

Men’s Amateur Division: Carlos Pena & Earl DuBois

Junior Division Award for Great Sportsmanship: Valerie Vargas