Congratulations to our Players of the Week, The New York Citywide Champions:

  • Men’s Pro Singles Champion- Timbo Gonzalez
  • Men’s Pro Doubles Champions- Carlos Pena & Joshua Garcia
  • Men’s B Doubles- Hector Oliver & Raymond Bennett
  • Woman’s Pro Doubles- Christina Torres & Melissa Sky
  • Women’s Pro Singles- Jenny Qu

We interviewed one champion, Red Bull Athlete Timbo Gonzalez, also known as the #1 wallball player in the country:

Who was your toughest opponent?

“My toughest opponent was Tywan. I had a huge lead on him in the beginning of the match then all of a sudden he caught fire and made a 6-7 point run. He’s dangerous when he’s hot. I knew I had to close out fast if I was going to win this match.”

How does it feel to win on Father’s Day?

“It feels good to win for my son Jayden. All I kept hearing in my head was Jayden saying ‘My dad is a champion.’ I wanted to make him proud and I think I accomplished that.”

What is next for you?

“Next is slamming at the nationals. I need my title back after an unacceptable performance last year. So I started off winning the citywide, next the national title. Also, continuing to inspire other athletes to play the game on a more competitive level. I’ll be at Hollywood Florida July 1st hosting an event for the community. Feels great to be able to share my passion with others.”

How do you stay in shape/what is your training routine?

“I stay in shape by jogging late nights, doing push ups, sit ups and dips. Most importantly, staying hydrated before the events. I never did smoke or do anything that causes harm to my body. I’ve always been aware of that and maintain good habits so I can perform at optimum level.”


Stay tuned for Wallball’s upcoming events! Prince and Princess of the Court Saturday, June 24th in Queens, NYC and Red Bull Slaps Tour (FL) Saturday, July 1st in Hollywood FL.