Happy New Year Wallball Community!

This week Wallball World is proud to introduce you to the new 2012 graduating class of “Big Blue” Wallball “A” players. These 8 players were selected by Dwight Worley and the St. Alban’s Handball Association as capable of competing on a level beyond average. The tradition of graduating players to professional status and presenting them with their “A” cards has been in existence for over 10 years. Congratulations to the new Open “Big Blue” Wallball players!

*Players will receive their “A” cards at the next upcoming USWA events

– Women’s A/B & Men’s Open Doubles

Female “A” Players:

Sandy Ng

Jessica Lopez

Melissa Lopez

Dejana Dervisevic

Male “A” Players:


Ray Boss

James Aguilera

Ardit Bita

Justin Rodriguez