New York, USA – This past weekend The United States Wallball Association hosted the premier holiday season event which took place at Guz Indoor Sports Club in Ridgewood, New York. Hundreds of players and spectators crowed the indoor wallball courts expecting to see the top big blue players go head to head…and they didn’t disappoint! Our players of the week opened up the event facing their teamates from team Puerto Rico, Wally and Lori, in what can only be described as one of the best games of the tournament! They defeated Lori and Wally 21-20. The chemistry between Herman and Michelle is undeniable. They communicate well on and off the court and respect each others’s talents and abilities. Michelle remained consistant and pulled out some key shots during critical periods throughout their matches while Herman aka “El Duro” seemed to effortlessly over power each opponent with his flat “killers” and precise angles. This team is on the come-up and as far as Herman is concerned “this is only the beginning.”

Thank you to all the players who participated and spectators who cheered them on! Congratulations to our new Players of the Week, Herman Mendez and Michelle Melendez!

Next 2012 USWA events:

January 7th Lincoln Terrace Handball/Raquetball Association: Women’s A/B

January 14th W4th Street Handball Association: Men’s Open Doubles

 Open Mixed Champions, Herman Mendez (son pictured in center) and Michelle Melendez

 2nd Place – Justin & Bee Bee

 3rd Place – Pee Wee & Gladys

1st, 2nd & 3rd Place

Awarded 2011 MVP of the Year – USWA, USHA & ICHA

Yuber “Pee Wee” Castro

Open Mixed Brackets:

Round 1 –

Tywan & Karen (Bye)

Geo & Adrian vs Allan & Suly (21-20)

George & Shena vs Justin & BeeBee (21-8)

Jovana & Alvaro vs Playstation & Tina (21-13)

Herman & Michelle vs Lori & Wally (21-20)

Mike & Louisa vs Ardit & Julie (21-11)

Pee Wee & Gladys (Bye)

Round 2 –

Tywan & Karen vs Allan & Suly (21-16)

Justin & BeeBee vs Playstation & Tina (21-10)

Herman & Michelle (advance)

Ardit & Julie vs Pee Wee & Gladys (21-18)

Round 3 –

Tywan & Gladys vs Justin & BeeBee (21-13)

Herman & Michelle vs Pee Wee & Gladys (21-14)

Finals –

Herman & Michelle (25-18)