Congratulations to our new Players of the Week, Team Puerto Rico!

It’s no wonder that team Puerto Rico has a reputation of being the team to beat amongst the international Wallball community; when it comes to representing their Country, they never disappoint! Team PR SLAMMED in the International team event hosted by wallball legend and enthusiast Albert Apuzzi. The countries represented were: Team USA, team PR, team China, team Israel, team DR, team Ukraine, team Peru , team Jamaica and team Ecuador.

Congratulations to the Champions – Pooch, Gio, Herman, Wally, Lori, Maggy, Michelle, Sophia aka Team Puerto Rico!!!

Club Name: Puerto Rico Paddleball & Handball Club
Club President: Luis Lopez Maldanado
Location: Levittown, Puerto Rico
Next Tournament: February 16, 2012
Encouraged by family and friends, Raquel Murphy coordinated the first handball team of the Puerto Rico Paddleball & Handball Club by using professional players of Puerto Rican descent. These were a group of elite players placed to compete in international events, and made unprecedented wins over the United States. The club has been a member of the World Handball Council and International Ballgame Confederation since 2009.

Accomplishments:Winner of the 2008 One Wall Federation Cup, Italy,Nizza Monferato -Women (Silver-Men’s Division )
Waterford One Wall World Handball Championships, Portland, Oregan ( Silver -Men’s & Women’s Division)
Winner of the 2010 One Wall Federation Cup, Imperia, Italy -Men (Silver-Women’s Division)
Winner of the Irish International Team Event, Mayo, Ireland (Mix Doubles, Men’s & Women’s Singles)
Winners of the International Team Event, Brooklyn, USA (Slam – All divisions)

Team Members: Giovonni Vazquez ( Capt. ’08, ’09, MVP ’09),Herman Mendez (Capt. ’10), Wally Amaro Jr. (MVP ’10), and Pooch Garnett, Magdelena Crespo (Capt ’10), Michelle Melendez (MVP ’10), Sophia Murphy, Cheyleen Nievez, Lori Acevedo
Former Members: Mari Rivera, Stephanie Vega, Melody Ruiz,Francisco Aponte, Rick Montalvo, Edgar Diaz, Alex Pastor