When you google the “Bronx” the first images you see are images of poverty, violence, graffiti and gangs. More than likely, when you think of the Bronx these images aren’t too far from your own thoughts. So, I’m sure you’d be shocked to learn that two of the most talented yet humble and respectful players of NYC big blue handball are New York Bronx natives. Meet Pooch and Tavo –

Good sportsmanship encompasses many aspects of a man’s character, the most fundamental being respect. Pooch and Tavito are the epitome of what we expect from our top “A” players in the NYC wallball scene. They have earned a reputation of being fast, powerful, athletic and talented but most importantly these two are gentlemen on and off the court. They manage to play hard, keep a cool head and maintain the upmost respect for their opponents. There is a lot to be said for players who have been raised in diversity yet manage to rise above the norm. Pooch, a former H.S. football all-star received a full college scholarship to the University of Southern California. He credits his family as his foundation and strong positive influence. Tavito on the other hand, having been raised in similar conditions credits his young daughter as his motivation for achievement and success. He is determined break the cycle of single family homes and currently raises his daughter and works as a teacher’s assistant in the NYC public school system.

Pooch and Tavito deserve praise and recognition and are prime examples of what you would find when introduced to our wallball community in NYC. They continue to blow us away both on and off the court with their stellar athleticism and mutual respect for their opponents and peers. Congratulations to our new Players of the Week, and keep up the great attitude!