The “A” Card

The “A” card is the highest honor a player can receive in the sport of One Wall Handball. Many players dedicate serious time and effort, training  night and day just to receive that infamous laminated card you tuck away into your wallet that states your name and certification as an “A” player in the sport of big blue handball. It all sounds like a waste of time to work so hard for something so little doesn’t it? Well lets take the time to analyze The “A” card and what it is and why it mean’s so much to certain players. The “A” card is supposed to be a symbol that you have reached a level of professional playing not easily achieved by the average handball player. It means you can perform at an extremely high level in both singles and doubles.

To be awarded this tiny white card is to be inducted into a club of elite players, but is it all worth it to be an “A” player? As much as this card is an honor to receive it is also considered by some to be a curse. With this card brings higher entry fee’s, less available tournaments to play in and a much higher level of difficulty to win. Which brings me to my next question; are some of the players being inducted into this elite class really ready to be labeled a professional? This is definitely food for thought when evaluating the graduating class of 2013.

2013 brings in a total of 13 new “A” level players, 11 men and 3 women. On the side of the men we have Ignazio Accardi, Chris Show, Jay DeJesus, The Cardenas brother’s Arnold and Oscar, Bori Garcia, Reinaldo “Dito” Goyco and Hector “Pito” Velez, 49-Ed, Angel Juarbe and Kadeem Bush. On the women’s side we have Audi Ramos, Biridiana Garcia and Eifia Leander. Congratulations to all the players of the graduating class of 2013 but are they really ready for the open’s? It is in my opinion that the “A” card is being distributed extremely to quickly and some of these player’s mentioned above should have been given another year to enhance their skills before being moved up into the next category.

Although I will not say any names I feel some of the players mentioned above are only capable of performing at high level in only one category of handball either singles or doubles. So are they really “A” level players and how did some players like Mikey Mendoza go unnoticed over a select few in this graduating group? Well Saturday January 4th, 2014 will be the first Open Doubles of the new year hosted by Wall Ball. It will also be the first test of skill for the graduating Men to see if indeed they can really play on the open doubles level. So whether they’re ready or not they will have to bring their very best to the box cause they are now up against a very competitive pool of players who have all proven that the opens is where they belong and on that day I predict some of the graduating men will prove to be a huge disappointment.

So in conclusion it is in my opinion that the process of awarding “A” level cards be reevaluated. There should be a system put into place where a “B” player must win or place top 3 in a certain amount of singles and doubles tournaments before graduating into the next class of players. But until a better system is put into place all we are doing is watering down what used to be an exclusive club.

– Lowveens Jacques


Wall Ball Presents:

Men’s Open Doubles

Wall Ball Tournament


Date: Saturday, January 4th

Location: Guz Indoor Sports Club – 1618 Weirfield St., Ridgewood NY 11385

Start Time: 1pm / Sign in 11am-12pm (You must register by 12pm or you will not be entered into the bracket)

*those that pre registered must check in by 1pm

Door Entry Fee: $10 per person

Tournament Entry Fee: $25 per player


Men’s Division

1st Place – $600 + trophy

2nd Place – $300 + trophy

3rd Place – $100 + trophy

CLICK HERE for Facebook Event Page

Official Ball: The Ektelon Wall Ball

*U.S.W.A. rules apply



Tyree & Cesar

Josh & Play

Angel & Earl

Oscar & Arnold

Pooch & Carlin

James & 49 Ed

Lil Carlos & Bori

Kid Justin & Tavo

Fish & Tony

Geo & Allan

Ant & Alex

Kareem & George

Mikey M. & Tylor

Justin & Franklin

Johnny P & Eddie

Jay & Ray

Iggy & Henry

Tywan & BB Chris

PSP & Thunder

Herman & Pito

Ray Lopez & Eric Cruz

Kadeem & Robert Lee

Chullo & Bear

Jhon & Damien