The GUZ Boys

“Talent Wins Games but TEAMWORK and Intelligence WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS”

– Michael Jordan

This week Wall Ball is extremely proud to introduce you to the 2013 GUZ vs ZEREGA defending champions and our new Players of the Week – Team GUZ!

Wall Ball World LLC is the creator and host of the 2nd Annual GUZ vs ZEREGA New York City “handball” tournament which is now popularly referred to as “The Super Bowl of Handball.” Every year we bring together the best talent in the most populated indoor “handball” facilities in New York to battle it out in a team event. Each facility is known for the caliber of players that frequent its business to challenge the best there is in the sport.

Guz Indoor Sports Club is located in Brooklyn, New York and is home to the 2 time Championship Team – “The Guz Boys”

1618 Weirfield Street, Ridgewood, NY 11385

Zerega Indoor Paddleball/Handball is located in Bronx, New York

2365 Newbold Avenue (corner of Zerega Ave) Bronx, NY 10462

The Champions

Captains – Pablo Guzman & Laurence DuBois

Juniors – Kaitlyn Colon & Juan Martinez

Lil’ Eddie Santiago & Baseball Chris

Tywan Cook & Andres “Playstation” Calle

Mikey “PSP” Angelo & Ralph Romano

“Lefty” Yagual Paul & Justin “Silver Surfer” Richie

Franklin “Geo” Vera & Earl “Black Mamba” DuBois

 Justin Rodriguez & Lil’ Carlos Pena

Herman Mendez & Joshua “The Kid Assassin” Garcia

 Hector “Pito” Velez & “49” Ed

Jay DeJesus & Johnny Pose

George (Harry Potter) M. & “Ponytail” Ed

Kadeem Bush & Anthony Lugo

Iggy Accardi & “Angry” Angel

Josh Milian & Rob (KO)

Shampoo & Rich “Baby Bolo” Montanez

In his own words:

This is by far the best event in handball and the one I look forward to every year! I’d like to thank the entire team for cheering and supporting each other no matter how the game turned out. They fought for the win in every game til the end. We came in looking like a team and we walked out as a team carrying the championship trophy. There is no ONE star player. We’re more like family.

– Pablo Guzman, Owner of Guz Indoor Sports Club

Special THANK YOU to our Officials:

Dwight Worley

Karen McConney

Carlos Centeno

Jasmina Dukanovic

Vlad Klym


Pro Division

Game 1: Baseball Chris & Eddie Styles vs Carlos Mata & James Aquilera 21-9 (G)

Game 2: Tywan Cook & Andres “Playstation” Calle vs Allan Sanchez & Givonni V. 21-12 (Z)

Game 3: Ardit Bita & Tavo vs Ralph Romano & Mikey “PSP” Angelo 21-18 (Z)

Game 4: Timbo & Cisco “The Wolf” vs Justin “Silver Surfer” & Lefty Paulie 21-18 (G)

Game 5: Franklin Vera & Earl Dubois vs Carlin Rosa & Del “Pooch”  21-12 (Z)

Game 6: Leonardo “The Human Racquet” & “Wildman” Rick vs Carlos Pena & Kid Justin 21-19 (G)

Game 7: Herman & Josh “The Kid Assassin” vs Antonio Maldonado & David R. “Snuka”  21-9 (G)


B Division

Game 1: Josh & Rob vs Mikey & Chris 21-17 (Zerega)

Game 2: Pito & Ed vs Bori & Danny 21-19 (Guz)

Game 3: George & Ed vs Ronald & Arnold 21- 6 (Zerega)

Game 4: Iggy & Angel vs Spidey & Lefty Hec 21-19 (Guz)

Game 5: Shampoo & Rich vs Tony & Mickey 21-9 (Zerega)

Game 6: Jay & Johnny vs Kenny & Ant 21-15 (Guz)

Game 7: Kadeem & Anthony Tyler & T.I. 21-13 (Guz)

Congratulations to the new 2014 “A” card recipients and the 2013 Players of the Year!

For more info on our half-time performances visit: and/or download the app DJ Devan Ibiza

Event Photos

The 2013 Champions – Team GUZ

Team Zerega


“Wildman” Rick & Lenny “The Human Racquet”

Kadeem Bush & Juan Martinez

Pablo Guzman – Owner of Guz Indoor Sports Club

(Accepting an award for recognition of achievement)

Jasmine Ray – President & Founder

Wall Ball World LLC & The United States Wall Ball Association Inc.

(Accepting an award for recognition of achievement)

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