“Success in life goes only to the person who competes and wins…there’s no reward for losing. So, that leaves only one way – with the will to win.”

Knute Rockne (College Football Legend) 

This week Wall Ball is extremely proud to present the Champions of The 3rd Annual CUNY Wide Wall Ball Championships! In it’s 3rd year this event has become one of the most anticipated Wall Ball events ever amongst the City University of New York’s college students. It gives them a chance to represent their school in a sport which according to the NYC Parks and Recreation Departments is still regarded as the #1 activity among New Yorkers, the sport of handball (Wall Ball). Out of 70 competitors and 15 schools represented we are once again  extremely proud to introduce you to your champions – Congratulations to our new Players of the Week – Tony Ferruggia, Johnny Pose, Jojo Parra & Eifia Leander!

Men’s Division Champions – Johnny Pose & Tony Ferruggia

Representing Queens College

Women’s Division Champions – Eifia Leander & Jojo Parra

Representing John Jay College & LaGuardia

2nd Place Men’s Division- Jonathan Pazmino & Josef Gooch

2nd Place Women’s Division – Myohwa (Soy)  Hwee & Tiffany Chiu-Manning

3rd Place – Robert Lee & Christian

4th Place – Walter Strick & John Purdy


Male Division

Female Division


Event Photos

The Competitors

The Exhibition

Timothy Gonzalez, Del Garnett, Carlin Rosa, Tywan Cook

The Officials

Special THANK YOU to our Staff & Officials:

Jasmine Ray – Wall Ball President

Sal Caruso

Elizabeth Guzman

Mousie Quiles

Laurence DuBois

Mikey Angelo

Del “Pooch” Garnett

Carlin Rosa

Tywan Cook

Timothy Gonzalez

Michelle Melendez

Carlos Mata

Allan Sanchez

Suly Ruiz

Jasmina Dukanovic

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