The United States National 1-Wall Champions

This week Wall Ball is proud to introduce two Champions who took the U.S. Nationals by storm each dominating both double and single events in their respective divisions. One is a 2-time champion and the first to ever slam in the Nationals 2 years in a row! He is ranked as the #1 Wall Ball player in the world and is endorsed by the largest energy beverage company in the world, Red Bull. The other is a first time participant in the Nationals who made his mark through pure determination. He is proud to represent his country Ecuador, his stomping grounds of Long Island, and gives a lot of the credit to none other than his doubles partner and brother, Oscar.

Congratulations to our new Players of the Week – Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez & Arnold Cardenas!

In their own words:

St. James Stand Up!

I’ve been on Wall Ball a number of times for tournaments I’ve won in the past and was mentioned in some blogs and the #1 Latino newspaper El Diario but this time I’d like to take the opportunity not to talk about myself, but to talk about the people who helped me get to where I’m at because at the end of the day no successful person can say they did it alone. I represent a park in the Bronx called St. James. This is where I got my start and where 4 of my mentors gave me the tools to compete at the level I am at. I would first like to thank my Dad, June Vargas who has been in my life since I was a kid and taught me how to be a man on and off the court. If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t be who I am today. I’d also like to thank Master Webb, Roland Brown and Jerome Brown for always taking the time to play against me, give me pointers and having a lot of patience with me when I was just a kid trying to become better at this sport. When I was growing up they were at their best and still took the time to train with me. I really appreciate it and I just want to say to them…thank you!

As always thank you to my partner Tywan Cook who went off in the nationals to help us earn our title and to Red Bull for believing in me and supporting this sport!

– Timbo

Stong Island – The Champ is Here!

Initially I started as a soccer player because my Father was semi-pro. At the age of 12 my brother introduced me to handball and brought me to Victory Field park in Queens, New York.

I started playing competitively at the age of 14 and I’ve been in love with the sport since. I love the focus, the heart and the full experience handball brings. I really enjoyed singles. I honestly felt like I was meant to play and be a top player it was real natural for me, plus it helps me stay away from trouble and learn the discipline to be a champion.

To prepare I played a lot of handicapped games to get my hustle in. Originally I was only supposed to be in one event. I got lucky. I trained a lot in the gym and just played my heart out. I had to bring it and hustle to slam. This was my first national ‘B’ event. It feels amazing! I had to fight hard to win both events. I wanted to prove I was a force in the B division. A win like this feels even more amazing because I was victorious with my Brother Oscar. He’s my training partner, my doubles partner and my best friend. We accomplished something no brothers have done yet in Big Blue.

This is big not only for me and my brother but for Long Island players and fellow Ecuadorian players. Our presence was felt at the U.S. Nationals and this is only the beginning!

– Arnold

Congratulations to the U.S. National Champions and our new Players of the Week –

Timbo Gonzalez & Arnold Cardenas

(from left) Arnold Cardenas & Timothy Gonzalez


(from left) Tywan Cook & Timbo Gonzalez

(from left) Arnold & Oscar Cardenas


2nd Place Pro Division – Del “Pooch” Garnett & Carlin “The Gorilla” Rosa

 2nd Place ‘B’ Division – Jay DeJesus & George “Harry Potter” Marroquin

Special ‘Shout Out’ to Eddie Fontanet & Johnny Pose

Event Highlight – ‘B’ Division Players deaf Pro Level Players Gio V. & Josh G.

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