Open Mixed Champions

“The man who occupies the first place seldom plays the principal part”

– Unknown

This week Wall Ball is proud to introduce the St. Alban’s Handball Association’s Open Mixed Doubles Champions! Although individually strong in their own skill, this was their first victory as a team and undoubtedly not the last. Congratulations to St. Alban’s (Dwight Worley, Karen McConney & Gladys Miranda) for an exceptional event and Congratulations to our new Players of the Week – Timbo Gonzalez & Jessica Santiago!

In his own words:

People think in a mixed doubles the male does all the work, but it’s actually the opposite. Even though physically we are taking more of the shots it’s up to the female to carry the mental pressure of the game because she has to have trust in her partner and enough discipline not to go for every shot that is within reach. That’s what makes a good mixed partner; communication, discipline and trust.

It was a different experience to play with someone else besides my mixed doubles partner of 4 years, Jackie. I thought it would be uncomfortable because I have so much chemistry with her and not having her by my side at first felt awkward. But, I have played pick-up games a few times with Jess and we always have done well so I thought it could work but it all depended on if were on the same page when it came down to winning. Jess and I had good communication and that was something that made it very easy to play with her.

Jess had always told me in the past that she wanted to win a mixed doubles. I played her a hand full of times and beat her and Rookie in the finals with Jackie on many occasions. Not that they were a weak team, because it was never easy to take them out, but but me and Jack always went in there with a fight, give it everything we got whether it be a win or a loss as a team. Teaming up with Jess I knew that she believed in me and would allow me to help her when needed. Right away she showed me that she has a lot of experience, especially being in the finals of mixed tournaments. All she needed was a partner that can help her close out and that’s what I was there for.

The hardest game I would have to say was us against Ruby and Tywan. They’re the only ones that ever took me and Jackie out of a mixed and with them I have to be on top of my game because they have a lot of chemistry as well and play very often together. They’re not an easy team to beat.

In my opinion there is one player that I think should get a lot of credit for the way he played in this tournament. Lil Carlos should get MVP for playing as well as he did especially because he just got his ‘A’ card and is already stepping up his game and competing in the Opens. You can tell this kid is ready to make some noise in the pro division. He plays his heart out every game and goes into every game with the confidence of a champ. Taking 3rd in a mixed is very hard to do. He made it further than some of the most experienced teams like Pee Wee and Brenda, Shaheem and Karen which have the upper hand to place before Carlos because of their experience. Shout out to Los.

Thank you to St. Albans, Dwight, Karen and Gladys for always having great tournaments and I would also like to thank Red Bull for taking a special interest in me and the sport of handball.

–  Timbo





 Open Mixed Champions – Jessica Santiago & Timbo Gonzalez

(from left) Carlos, Tywan, Ruby, Karen, Timbo, Jessica & Gladys

The Champions with St. Alban’s Director – Dwight Worely

Open Doubles Partners – Timbo & Tywan

Sophie, Uncle Billy & Herman Mendez

Jessica & spouse

Timbo & Son Jayden

Timbo & Jesss vs Melissa & Gio

Michelle Melendez & Jasmina Dukanovic

L.T.H.A. doing their part to keep our parks clean!

Thank you Yo Yo!

Ladies of Handball’s Mousie Quiles

Carlos Pena

Karen McConney

Larry “The Boss” DuBois

Brenda & Gladys

Andres “Playstation” Calle



Raquel & Josh Garcia

High Line Motors handball sponsor – James

Brenda, Dwight & Bernice