The Dynamic Duo

“A boat does not go forward if each one is rowing their own way.”

– Unknown

This week Wall Ball is proud to introduce the new A/B duo who dominated this past weekend at  Guz Indoor Sports Club during the Men’s A/B Doubles Wall Ball Tournament. In addition to chemistry and communication they each contributed a key element to the force that now defines their partnership; teamwork.

Congratulations to our new Players of the Week – James Aguilera & Hector “Pito” Velez

In their own words:

My names is James John Aguilera and I was born and raised in the Bronx, New York. I began to play handball at the age of 8. My first handball game was at St. James park in the Bronx and there I would play Timbo (#1 Ranked Player Timothy Gonzalez) and we would go back and forth defeating each other as kids. I love handball because my father Jimmy who raised me as a single parent had a love for the game and everyday would take me to the courts to watch while he played. I was immediately drawn to the sport because I saw how happy it made my father to compete. Today handball tournaments make me feel like I’m on top of the world. It releases my stress and it is a great workout. Pito, my A/B partner and I have been close friends for a couple of years. This year we teamed up with the aim to defeat everyone. The Wall Ball Doubles was our first victory as a team and there are many more to come.

– James A.

My name is Hector Velez and everyone knows me as “Pito.”  I was born and raise in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, New York with a love for sports. I came upon the sport of handball at the age of 15 at a park in the Castle Hill section of the Bronx. Since then I grew a love for it and wanted to become one of these legends I’d always hear about. I met James Aguilera at Castle Hill Park. He consistently played handball there. We became fast friends and have always spoken of winning tournaments together. This year we came to an agreement that we would be legit partners for each A/B and try to dominate all teams. This is our first tournament together and won’t be our last. We will be defending our title in the next upcoming A/B on April 6th at Guz .

– Hector “Pito” V.

Top 8 Ranked Teams:

1st – James Aguilera & Pito Velez (8pts)

2nd – Carlin Rosa & Jay DeJesus (7pts)

3rd – Ardit Bita & Ignazio Accardi (6 pts)

4th – Franklin Vera & Edwin Marin (5pts)

5th –  Herman Mendez & Pablo Guzman (4pts)

6th – Kadeem Bush & Josh Garcia (3pts)

7th – David Ruvio & Victor Bautista (2 pts)

8th – Anthony Coronado & Mario Cubas (1 pt)

*Registration is now OPEN to all players for the Men’s A/B Doubles Wall Ball Event at Guz Indoor Sports Club – Saturday, April 6th

Brackets – Men’s A/B Doubles

Special “Thank You” To:

Our Staff, Volunteers & Referees – Laurence DuBois, Christina Torres, Antwon “50” Smith, Tony Roberts, Eddie Santiago, William Polanco, Albert Apuzzi Jr. & Buddy Gant

Philly Teams – Wally Amaro, Sam Sanford, Manny Rivera & Jomar Santana

Our Sponsors – Guz Indoor Sports Club & Ektelon

Event Album

Champions – James Aguilera & Hector “Pito” Velez

2nd Place – Jay Dejesus & Carlin Rosa

3rd Place – Ardit Bita & Ignazio Accardi

“The Competitors”