Ruby & BeeBee

In their own words:

I’ve been on the courts before birth lol. Literally my mom and godmother won a tournament while they were both 8 months pregnant with me and my God sister. But I started at maybe 11yrs old. I won the juniors singles and doubles at the early age of 14. Then I started taking it more seriously at the age of 18. However, at the time I was playing college softball and I was in center field. The excessive strain on my arm caused tennis elbow and I began playing with a stiff arm. Although I won sometimes I hated my game. About 4/5 years ago I dislocated my shoulder, and since I couldn’t use my shoulder. It forced me to use my wrist only, and I figured out how to use my whip again and side arm. So my new game of the last 3/4 years is a cluster of all different types of styles. Which is probably why I’m known for MISS HITS lol. Sometimes I don’t know which style to use.

I’ve played all kinds of sports as a kid. I played tackle football with my cousins every Sunday. I played little league softball in elementary and softball, bowling and basketball in high school. I even competed Madison Square Garden twice! We won once. I played college softball and handball tournaments with guys. But at this time handball is fun and you don’t need a whole team to play, just a couple of people. I love playing because there’s no limit to growth, consistency and skill. And it keeps me in shape. My mom is 50 & she and my Dad still play.

I can definitely see handball in the Olympics at the professional tennis level.

Me and Beebs were training for two years. Our chemistry was off the first tournament then she had a baby last year. This year we got focused and trained for the last few weeks. I was so happy she stayed focused when I began to let the lead slip. That’s what teamwork is all about, knowing what each others strengths and weaknesses are and stepping up or stepping back for the best decision at the best time in order to get the best outcome.

I’m really glad the ladies showed up! Whether I win or lose I just really want the women to have good turnouts and we did!!

– Ruby

I’ve been playing handball for 4 years now and I’ve been competing for 2 and a half years now. I chose to play handball because I had a passion for it. I loved competing against people with different styles. I started off playing in 111 school yard in Brooklyn and eventually traveled to different parks to play different people. While traveling to different parks I met Lowveens Jacques who is now one of my dearest friends whom I appreciate. He invested time with me, helping me develop a stronger game. Training me and coaching me throughout my games.

It hasn’t been easy for me to train lately because I juggle between playing handball and taking care of my 9 month old daughter. Thanks to my spouse Christopher also known as Baseball Chris I’m able to keep up with my game and keep improving while he takes care of her.

I’ve placed in many tournaments but always came up short in the finals. Playing in the women AB on 3/9/2013 all I could focus on was my game and everything we practiced on. Ruby and I have been practicing and playing hard for the past couple of weeks, we wanted this AB tournament for ourselves. I believe we have great chemistry together. She can dominate the court and I could play the support player and vise averse.

I hope handball can make it to the Olympics one day and I can play in it along with other people who enjoy playing the sport.

– BeeBee


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Women’s A/B Doubles Album

Champions Ruby & BeeBee (center) & 2nd Place Jojo & Effie

3rd Place Audi & Jecela

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