Article Written By: Samuel Ortiz

Edited By: Christina Torres

Congratulations to the New Players of the Week- Arnold André Cardenas & Oscar Cardenas (The Cardenas Brothers). The Cardenas brothers are from a town called Guayaquil in Ecuador and they once played handball there as children. Today, the Cardenas brothers are now living together and play handball at Centereach, Long Island New York. They are dedicated in playing and only representing, Centereach Handball Courts. The brothers are the original Centereach players who tactfully dubbed their town, ‘Strong-Island’.

Arnold is now twenty-one years old and has been playing at Centereach Handball Courts for 6 years. He attends Suffolk Community College and is a self employed business owner. He decided to choose and continue playing handball because he feels that he is meant to play handball. He dreams to play competitively throughout other handball countries to be a successful pro-player. He believes has the passion and consistency to one day become pro. Focused on staying in shape, he is goal is to maintain the physical ability to perform and adapt to any court comfortably.

Arnold quoted: “I didn’t choose handball, I felt handball chose me. It’s a sport that only a certain people can understand why it’s so connected with our lives. I eat, sleep and dream handball. Not one second goes by where I’m not thinking about it or trying to play it… I go as far as watching so many videos to train in the gym to get faster and stronger. To me it’s a lifestyle sport that also has a dream fueling me.”

He dreams to be one of the best! He wants to leave a mark in handball history to prove that it doesn’t matter where you’re from because with dreams anything is possible if you are committed. He also states “I love this sport of handball! Without it I don’t know what I’d be doing.”

Two weeks ago the Cardenas Bothers accomplished winning 2013 FHL “B” Doubles in Springhill Florida, USA at the 2nd Annual Face-Off NY vs FL Tournament which was presented by The Next Level & Tony Touch Handball.

The Cardenas brothers also previously placed in the 2011 FHL; Second Place, Doubles and 2011 PHA; Third Place, Doubles.

There is no doubt about it, these brothers have come a long way from competing in the backyard of their local town courts to making their mark in other states around the U.S. They have a solid bond, an unbreakable chemistry, a desire to win and the attitude of a champions!

Congratulations our new Players of the Week – Arnold Cardenas & Oscar Cardenas  of Centereach Park, L.I.