Walt Disney was one of the greatest dreamers of all time, but his dream of making feature length cartoon movies was repeatedly shot down by people who were convinced that no one would sit through a 90 minute cartoon. His dream became a reality with the first animated cartoon called “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.” The rest, as they say, is history. There also lived a professional soccer player from Madrid who was living his dream until an automobile accident paralyzed him for over a year and a half and ripped him of his dream. During recovery a nurse gave him a guitar to pass the time. His name was Julio Inglesias. Pete Strudwich was born without arms or legs and became a marathon runner. Craig MacFarland was blinded at the age of 2 but that didn’t stop him from earning 103 gold medals in athletic competition.

Dreams are what fuel the progress of mankind. A dream coupled with action can change the world we know today. The sport of handball in New York City was once a recreational activity of the Irish who immigrated to America in the 1800’s. For decades handball was considered “a poor man’s sport,” and then it was regarded as a “street sport.” This all changed on Saturday, December 1st at a small indoor sports club in Brooklyn, New York when a dream and a vision came to life!

Wall Ball is extremely proud to recognize and congratulate The USWA, Team GUZ and Team ZEREGA on one of the most successful and professional handball tournaments in history! The 1st Annual GUZ vs ZEREGA Wall Ball Event was the first of its kind which united over 600+ members of the community and the BEST handball players New York City has to offer. There was not only a sense of competition, but a sense of family and unity as well. The representatives of each indoor facility (Guz Indoor Sports Club and Zerega Indoor Handball and Paddleball Club) displayed the up-most respect and sportsmanlike conduct from beginning to end. The idea that the sport of handball in New York could only be limited to the cement walls in the rough streets of Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, Manhattan and Staten Island is now an epic tale of what once was. Collectively we are headed in a more positive and prosperous direction!

Congratulations to our new Players of the Week – Team ZEREGA!

Team Zerega Captain – Del “Pooch” Garnett

Team Zerega –

Tavo & Carlin

James & Carlito

Lenny & Ardit

Timbo & Gio

Rick & Allan

Dito & Tony

Will & Josh

Ronald & Pito

Spidey & Bori

Mikey & Arnold


Team GUZ Captain – Laurence DuBois

Team GUZ

Herman & Tywan

Pee Wee & Play

Charlie & Vladi

Justin & Ralph

Paulie & PSP

Earl & Tony

Los & Shampoo

Franklin & Camacho

Dave & Thunder

Jay & Anthony


Brackets – Best out of 5 matches

B Division

Game 1 – Tony & Earl def Tony & Dito 21-16 (GUZ)

Game 2 – Los & Shampoo def Will & Josh 21-6 (GUZ)

Game 3 – Ronald & Pito def Franklin & Camacho 21-14 (ZEREGA)

Game 4 – Dave & Thunder def Spider & Bori 21-17 (GUZ)


A Division

Game 1 – Herman & Tywan def Tavo & Carlin 21-14 (GUZ)

Game 2 – James & Carlito def Pee Wee & Playstation 21-19 (ZEREGA)

Game 3 – Charlie & Vladi def Lenny & Ardit 21-15 (GUZ)

Game 4 – Timbo & Gio def Justin & Ralph 21-9 (ZEREGA)

Game 5 – Paulie & PSP def Rick & Allan 21-? (GUZ)




Special THANK YOU to The USWA –

Jasmine Ray

Pablo Guzman

Laurence DuBois

Dwight Worley


Special THANK YOU to our Official Staff –

John “Rookie” Wright

Antwon “50” Smith

Christina Torres

Tony Roberts

Karen McConney

Eddie Santiago

Jasmina Dukovanic

William Polanco

Sandy Ng

Antonio Martinez (ref, photography & cinematography)


Special THANK YOU to our Sponsors –

Guz Indoor Sports Club




BIG shout out to our Junior Exhibition Players –

“Chullo” & Kaitlyn

“Bear” & Eric

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Date: December 22, 2012

Location: Guz Indoor Sports Club

1618 Weirfield St.

Ridgewood, NY 11385