The United States National Champ SLAMS…again

Congratulations to the new 2012 King of the Courts (Florida Edition) – Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez

Event Coverage / FL-KOTC 2012

The Florida 2012 King of the Courts took off without a hitch and ideal weather conditions. Unfortunately it’s three time gracious host and top singles/doubles player, J’son, was not in attendance due to his deployment to Super Storm Sandy relief efforts in the New York/New Jersey area.  However co hostess Chula was there to ensure Florida’s 10 year anniversary of this prestigious tournament would go on.

As usual it was a “double header” singles and doubles events.  Both single elimination style brackets and both won by Top New York player Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez.

The singles event only had 11 participants; The lowest turn-out for this event to date.  But NY was represented by top handball player Timbo, as well as Gio, Josh, & the young talent of Eloy. We look forward to a much bigger participation from Florida players next year. Not surprisingly Tim won this event as did two years ago in the 2010 FL-KOTC. Fellow New York players Gio 2nd and Josh 3rd.

The doubles event, in contrast, had 21 teams and featured probably the most note-worthy game between the top seeded Florida doubles team of Victor (Running Man) and Joey (Spydie) versus the young New York talent of Josh and Eloy.  This Semi-Final match had the Florida team ahead early on by good margin until the NY team turned the tables and won 21-17.  That put them in finals against Tim / Allen who won 25-18.

History on the FL-KOTC

This Tournament has its origins in Orlando, FL’s Dover Shores Community Center (now home to Efren’s Who’s the Beast Tournament) back in 2002. It was originally hosted by Ty who now resides in Houston, TX.  In its debut year this tournament only had a single elimination doubles bracket but in following years 2003, 2004, & 2005 the singles bracket was added as well.  However both events were scheduled two weeks apart from each other in those years.  The doubles champs were Macho/Cecil in 02′, Den/Hector 03′, Macho/Omar 04′, & Ty/Cecil in 05′.  The singles champ was, “Hat Trick” winner, Macho from 03′ to 05′. The Tournament went dormant for years 06′, 07′, & 08′.  In those years a Mr. Juan of The CPQ organization threw a number of tournaments in Florida’s South Beach, Flamingo Park, and Hollywood’s Historical Garfield Park where one of the last CPQ tournaments was held on Dec 13th & 14th if not the last one thrown by Juan & The CPQ (which is a pivotal point in the inception of the FHL).

In 2009 through 2010 the FL-KOTC was once again up and running.  This time run by new host J’son and hostess Chula of Tampa,FL.  It was decided that this tournament become an open division event and not just to include Florida Players as it was originally intended in the early years.  But the bracket style never changed from single elimination.  In 2009 Pooch from NY beat Chris “Show” 25-9 (known as Nails to us back then in his FL days).  The NY team of Pooch/Lowveens beat the FL team Vic/Joey (Running Man/Spydie) in an awesome showdown.  NY won 25/21.  Timbo won both singles and doubles events with Anthony in 2010 and doubles against Gio & Lowveens.  In 2011 Gio (Tourch) beats Herman (El Duro) 21-9 however in the doubles event Herman and (B.B.) Chris beat team Gio/Pooch in a spectacular fashion coming from behind.


About The FHL and Founder Roque “Q” Florez 

Born in Bogota, Colombia.  Raised from the age of 3 in the borough of Queens, NY.  As a kid I grew up watching my older brother, Luis, play handball at my Jackson Heights Queens elementary school.  I experienced my earliest taste for the addiction to this sport off a two court make shift court at my old elementary school PS 89 on Hampton & Britton Av and came up playing handball in Broadway Park (the old Moore’s Homestead) in Elmhurst.  Attended I.S. 73 Jr High School in Maspeth Queens and Newtown H.S. afterwards.

Left NY to live FL back in 2004 to join my family who had lived there for some time before my arrival.  I have worked in the accounting field for many years and continue to do so in Miami.

Not only do I love the sport but truly believe in its health benefits as well. When my health was in question I returned to my favorite passionate sport of handball and it help me tremendously with hypertension and heart issues to the point that I don’t take doctor prescribed medicines.  Just keep playing this life sport.  And live for its advancement.

I now constantly look for opportunities for promote handball down here in any way form or fashion from running tournaments to hosting out of town events to producing apparel for the sport.  I also lobby with city officials to build one wall courts and offer to partner up with them to spread the sport throughout.  Anyone down here can tell you if it’s about handball I want in.  It’s just a passion to push the sport state wide, nation-wide or even world-wide in a professional manner.

The weekend of Dec 13th & 14th in 2008 is pivotal in the inception of the FHL (Florida Handball League).  Not only did I attend and participate in that two day CPQ tournament but was inspired to begin something new in Florida for Big Blue One Wall Handball.  While it did not start as a true “league” I was intended to be a “League of Handball Players” who might join forces across the know 5 areas where this sport lives in the state of Florida (Miami, Ft Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Orlando, and Tampa) and not only set handball standards, promote it but to make it their own to unselfishly make this sport better and bigger through professionalism and good sportsmanship.

The FHL and its partnerships already have set in place the “Central Florida Open” hosted by Tampa’s J’son & Chula; every 1st Saturday of November.  Q’s “FHL Cup” to produce the best players in Florida (these players are seeded in the previously mentioned FL-KOTC Tournament).  Our season opener “South Florida Open” hosted by Hollywood’s Carlitos & Efren’s “Who’s The Beast Tournament” (both tournament dates TBA).  Also just added, the Tournament House with their NY vs FL “B” Tournament in Sandford, FL; next year on January 12th 2013.

I look forward to working with any and all of you out there to further our greatest urban sport.

Roque “Q” Florez

Florida Handball League, LLC