WBW Presents: POTW – Three (3) Event Edition

Congratulations to our new Players of the Week – Eifia Leander, Master Webb, Roland Brown, Earl DuBois & Tony Ferruggia!

PHA “B” Singles Champion – Efia Leander

OOHA’s 35 & Over Champions – Roland & M.Webb

PHA’s “B” Doubles Champions – Earl & Tony

Meet the Champions


35 & over Champions – Roland Brown & Master Webb

PHA “B” Doubles Champions – (left corner) Earl DuBois & (right corner) Tony Ferruggia

PHA Female “B” Singles Division Champion – (pictured center) Eifia Leander

Wall Ball World Announcement:

In a time when the world seems so divided, the USWA has taken crucial steps towards uniting the best big blue handball organizations along the East Coast. With the success we’ve experienced in the past year working as one unit Wall Ball World, The St. Alban’s Handball Association, The Lincoln Terrace Handball/Racquetball Association and Guz Indoor Sports Club is proud to announce our largest wall ball event this year with the following organizers:

Saturday, August 11th – St. John’s Park, Brooklyn, New York, USA

USWA – “The Back to School Junior Doubles Event” – 36 team bracket *this event has reached capacity. Registration is now CLOSED.

Lil Eddies – Men’s “B” Doubles – 40 team bracket, first come first served

Ladies of Handball – Women’s “A/B” Doubles – 16 team bracket, first come first served

Wall Ball World – Men’s Open Doubles – 16 team bracket, first come first served

Spots are limited. Register by simply emailing – info@uswallball.org (name + event + partner)

*Payments accepted onsite

**Sign-up accepted onsite if event has not yet reached capacity

***All events will begin at 11am SHARP. Please arrive 1 hour prior to your event to pay for your entry

***All monies collect will be awared to 1st, 2nd & 3rd place in each division

****Brackets will be posted prior to event. Food and beverages will be sold onsite.

Help us celebrate the most popular activity in NYC Big Blue Handball


A Note to the Players

by: Lowveens Jacques

Women’s sports has always been something of very little interest to the masses. It has always been a struggle for women to get the same attention as the men do in their same respected sporting events. To most people the women are slower, weaker and less exciting to watch compete in any athletic competition. Well this weekend’s PHA women’s “B” singles tournament actually grabbed and held my attention. It was much more exciting to watch than the men’s “B” doubles. I have to admit I was shocked that 18 “B” level women competed in a singles tournament. Usually, when tournaments are held for the women the support is very poor.

Most organizations and promoters are reluctant to hold women events because of the lack of support from the very women who play the sport. Going into this event I had my favorites to win the tournament and then something very shocking happened; the women that you usually do not expect to make any noise actually fought back. I witnessed a Luisa Cartagena defeat team Puerto Rico member Sophia Murphy 21 to 11 in the first round. A shocking yet well deserved victory! Michele Melendez defeated veteran Elsie Goris 21` to 12. I also got a chance to watch two young ladies that play every night at St. Johns night courts battle against each other in the first round and boy did these two put on a show! It felt like I was watching the female version of Justin vs little Rookie. Both Eifia Leander and Crystal Ruiz set the bar real high for the rest women. These two had one hell of a battle hustling left and right pounding the ball with constant kills and drives with both hands. Yes people these two young ladies who I have never ever seen take this sport serious until that day shocked me and let the handball world know they can play.

At the end of this intense singles match it was Eifia Leander who edged Crystal Ruiz out 21 to 17. Eifia also continued on to defeat MyoHwa Soy in her semi- finals match. A game I did not have her picked to win at all. Eifia’s game play was so good that at one point in the match her opponent took a timeout and commented that Eifia is playing like a man (in her case was a huge compliment). Eifia showed very little weakness in that game as she took MyoHwa Soy down to move on to face Michele Melendez (the tournament favorite) in the finals. So a long day in the hot sun is coming to an end and the night is supposed to get cooler on the courts but as the finals approached things got hotter with most people scratching their heads asking “how did this new comer make it this far?” and the answer out of most people’s mouths were “hey its luck.” Well I have to beg to differ on that Eifia Leander demonstrated great skill and there was nothing lucky about what she can do.

Both Michelle and Eifia played really well throughout the day but I couldn’t help but notice that Eifia was a little more polished in her shot selection then Michelle was and as the finals took place Eifia proved that to be true as she took a commanding lead. Michelle however would not let her win without a fight! Michele fought back like the warrior we all know her to be!! I mean she was running left and right throwing punch serve after punch serve she let her opponent know I am no push over and you are in for a serious fight. I have never seen so much determination in anyone to win in my whole life! I observed her diving for shots and willing to take some serious battle scars just to win. Eifia gave it her all running left and right and diving also to insure she would not lose this game. If the Romans had women in the gladiator arena this final match is what it would look like. It was an upset in the end with Eifia Leander defeating Michelle Melendez in the finals however it was a well deserved win! It was one of the best female singles tournaments I have ever witnessed in the game of handball I am just hoping that the women start coming out more and start demonstrating that they too can get down and dirty just like the men do.

I hope to see more events like this one for the women take care and God bless!

Lowveens Jacques


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