The Hill

Timbo & Lil’ Eddie’s Open Doubles – Castle Hill Park, Bronx, New York, USA

“Talent wins games, but teamwork wins championships.” – Michael Jordan, NBA Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame(r) Michael Jordan often preached about the importance of teamwork over talent and this could not be any less evident of the team we are highlighting this week. Pooch and Carlin are a classic example of what it means to be a team player. This Bronx dynamic duo has proven time over that teamwork will prevail. While on the court they communicate so well you rarely hear them verbally speak to each other. This chemistry can only be obtained by years of practice and dedication to each other, trust and an unbreakable bond.

20 teams, 40 competitors and hundreds of spectators! Timbo & Lil’ Eddie’s 2nd Annual Open Doubles did not disappoint! The final game (Pooch & Carlin vs Playstation & Justin) could easily be named one of the best matches of the year! Playstation often moved the crowed with his incredible left shot killers sending opponents into the side gate of Castle Hill Park while teammate Justin played a steady offensive game making it hard for the veteran champs to transition from defense. The finale was intense from the very beginning, while remaining professional and extremely entertaining.  Justin and Playstation opened up the match explosive with a 9-1 point lead, but as Professional Player Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez would say “it’s not about how many points you earn, it’s about closing out the game.” The pressure of earning the last point of the match was one not often experienced by the newly formed team and this is where the veterans had the advantage. Carlin and Pooch defeat Playstation and Justin 21- 18. Congrats to Lil’ Eddie and Timbo for hosting a well organized and entertaining 2nd annual event!

Congratulations to Playstation and Justin on an incredible performance and Congratulations to the Champions, our new Players of the Week – Pooch & Carlin!


 Champions – Pooch & Carlin


“The Juggernaut” & “The Gorilla”

2nd Place – “Playstation” & Justin R.

Players and Event Hosts

(from left) Lil Eddie, Pooch, Play, Carlin, Justin & Timbo






The Open Finals

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Pooch & Carlin

Play & Justin R.