“Surround yourself with only people who are going to lift you higher” encourages Oprah Winfrey.
Although chemistry is critical when combining a team, when you rely on someone who is your complete opposite magical things can happen. This week Wall Ball World is extremely proud to introduce you to a young big ball athlete who has come along way in learning to develop a good attitude on the courts and a fierce underhand ‘kill shot.’ He has earned a reputation of being one of the top players in the amateur division and is ready to graduate into the elite class.  His partner, a Dominican Republic representative and former Player of the Week is an outstanding sportsman and the epitome of an NYC big blue professional –
Congratulations Lil’ Carlos aka “Los” & Carlin “The Gorilla” Rosa!
It was a packed house at this weekend’s A/B event (For those who are unfamiliar, an A/B match-up is when a professional athlete must team up with an amateur division player). This event was sponsored by James and the Highline Motor Sales car dealership and hosted by USWA Director and S.A.H.A.’s own Dwight Worley. As expected, the tournament was well organized and brought out some of the best players NYC has to offer. Every match was intense as the players fought their way towards huge trophies and $5,000 in cash prizes.
It was pure heart and determination that kept Los and Carlin on top. Los was encouraged by his partner Carlin to keep a cool head and focus on the game. “Winning the biggest A/B of the year feels great and I was very fortunate to be able to play with Lil’ Carlos. In my opinion he is the top B player this year and I couldn’t have done it without him” says Carlin. Nonetheless this attitude earned them the #1 spot among strong teams such as Herman & Thunder, Rookie & Pazmino, Pee Wee & Camacho and Carlito & Jay. There were also a few who played intense games, forcing their opponents to earn their victory and deserve recognition for their performance at this event – Lenny & Dave Ruvio, Justin & Oscar and runner-ups Charlie & Chris Show. Great playing guys!
Congratulations to James, Dwight and the Highline Motor Sales Car Dealership on a successful event and Congratulations to our new Players of the Week, Lil’ Carlos and Carlin Rosa!
*This was a sanctioned event. The top 4 teams received pts toward their rank

Champions – Carlos Pena & Carlin Rosa


Host & Sponsor, (from left) Dwight Worely and James
USWA rep Larry aka “The Boss” and Head Referee “Phat Kat”
2nd Place winners, Chris Show & Charlie
“Fish” and Tony
Justin & Oscar
Mikey & Rick
Lenny & Dave Ruvio
Edgar & Partner
Carlito & Jay
Lil Eddie & Tony
Pito & “Life Guard” Eddie
Rookie & Pazmino
Justin & Oscar

Players and Spectators

Yuber “Pee Wee” Castro & Jonathan Camacho
Pooch, Ardit & Chris Show
Tiffany and Shampoo
USWA Vice Pres. Veronica Figueroa and husband George Figueroa
Tony, Elizabeth and Twins
St. Alban’s own – Gladys Miranda & Karen McConney
Gee, Magdalia & Mikey Mendoza
John “Rookie” Wright & Jonathan Pazmino