Wall Ball Community – This week we’d like to introduce you to a group of ladies who have been hosting tournaments for over 5 years within the local NYC handball community. They are a group of women who are very passionate about representing the females and refuse to take a backseat to this male dominated sport. Because of  their efforts, they deserve recognition and support from our community -Meet “The Ladies of Handball”

Story by: Mousie Quiles

I’ve been playing handball for as long as I remember and was introduced to the organized, competitive side of it at a young age. However, I quickly grew tired of the large one-sided events.  It seemed like organizers hosted events in the same parks for the same people, forgetting about the rest of us who played. Sara Soookdeo, Mari Rivera and Shentah Pizarro were local players who began to throw local tournaments in more common places which introduced a broader audience to handball. They were my inspiration. All of a sudden people you have never seen before began to compete. They also introduced the “invitational” tournaments for players who displayed good attitudes and sportsmanship. This encouraged the players to compete with more dignity.

In 2008 Ivy Baily, Sara and myself decided to join forces and created “M.I.S” (Mousie, Ivy & Sarah) to cater to the female players of the handball community. In 2010 we launched “The Ladies of Handball” in attempt to unify our efforts with the other female organizers.

One of the reasons I became involved in hosting handball tournaments was to make sure the women who seriously competed in handball were well represented and taken seriously. I think it’s great that handball is going international and our best players are able to travel around the world to finally display their talents. However, locally I’m beginning to see a lack of respect for one another in the female events which turns off a lot of organizers and sponsors. Eventually no one will want anything to do with our division. It’s sad because we have a lot of talented up-and-coming female players who take handball very seriously but don’t have the opportunity to display their talents. We need to start supporting our events before people give up on our division.

This year the “Ladies of Handball” hope to host their biggest event ever! We appreciate all the support over the years and hope to continue to host events for years to come.


Congratulations to our new Players of the Week – Ladies of Handball

Sarah & Shentah (center), with winners of past event

Support Speno Park Handball – Long Island, New York, USA

Tina Johnson (PHA) & Mousie Quiles (M.I.S.)

Mousie, Ivy & Sarah (M.I.S.)