Every week Wallball World introduces you to a new player, handball enthusiast, champion and/or organization from our national and international community. This week we’d like to reintroduce to you an organization that has made a tremendous contribution to our sport and join them in celebrating the launch of their new premier event & website – http://worldhandball2012.com/


The 2012 World Handball Championships (both One-Wall and 40×20 Four-Wall events) will be staged in Dublin, at a purpose built venue within the media center at the Citywest Hotel from 11th to 21st October 2012.

World Handball Championships 2012

  • Venue: Citywest Arena, Dublin, Ireland
  • Dates: 11th-21st October 2012
  • Four Wall 40×20 Championships: from Thursday 11th – Wednesday 17th October 2012
  • One Wall Championships: from Tuesday 16th October – Saturday 20th October 2012

Meet GAA (Gaelic Athletic Association) Handball –

During the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s, handball was very popular among the Irish republic. It was cheap, fun and easy to play but as years went by, handball lost its popularity to other GAA sports such as football and hurling and of course to “foreign” sports such as soccer and rugby. In recent times however there has been a surge in popularity of the sport. This is due to the rebranding of the sport as GAA Handball and the ongoing promotion of the sport and especially One Wall handball by the organization. In 2012 Ireland will host the World Handball Championships in Dublin. Due to the huge popularity of One Wall handball it is hoped it will become an Olympic sport soon.

Read more about GAA Handball and it’s development in Ireland at: http://www.gaahandball.ie/