Men’s A/B – Saturday, April 14th – New Edison Courts, Queens, NY

This week Wallball World would like to highlight the competitors in anticipation of this weekends’ Men’s A/B. In this event the amateur division will be paired up with the professional player division in what promises to be one of the best match-ups this season. These players will be competing for rank, prizes, trophies, recognition…but most of all, pride. The handball talent here in NYC has extended well beyond a few top players to include a number of talented “B” division players. This weekend they will be put to the test to see if they can keep up with the seasoned pros!

Good luck competitors!

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1. Gio & Lil Carlos
2. Timbo & Earl
3. Tywan & Johnny
4. Herman & Thunder (Lefty Ant)
5. Pooch & Gee
6. Eric Cruz & Drago
7. Playstation & Chris Show
8. Carlin & Mikey
9. Phat Kat & Rich
10. Pito & Life Guard Eddie
11. Lil Eddie & Tony
12. Charlie & Camacho
13. Lenny & David Ruvio
14. Allen & Lil Geo (Franklin)
15. Ralphy & Rob (SI)
16. Ant & Sunset Park Carlos

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