Lil’ Eddie’s 6th Annual “B” Doubles

This weekend the NYC handball scene was packed full of handball fever! As the weather begins to warm up here in the North-East, players from all 5 boroughs, Long Island and even Philadelphia, PA all gathered at 1st and 1st park in Manhattan to celebrate the outdoor handball season and watch the best of the amateur division go head to head at Lil’ Eddies 6th annual “B” Doubles!

Eric “Lil Eddie” Santiago has been hosting handball tournaments in NYC since 1993. His 20+ years of experience and success on the courts has earned him quite a reputation. He is a dynamic singles and doubles player that has inspired many of the top professional NYC players of this generation. “He has the best whips and drop shots in the game” says professional player Timbo Gonzalez “I learned a lot of my shots just from watching him play” adds Gio aka “Human Torch.”  When it comes to hosting tournaments, Lil Eddie has been nicknamed “The King of the B’s” as he has a huge and loyal following within the amateur division. “We trust him because he has a good reputation and always gives away good prize money” says a spectator. For Lil’ Eddie, it is a genuine love for handball that motivates him to continue this sixth year tradition. “I host these events because I love the sport and I enjoy watching players compete at their highest level. I love to spread the popularity of the game by hosting these tournaments” says Lil’ Eddie.

Lil’ Eddie was first introduced to handball by his brothers. “My initial attraction to the sport was watching my older brothers play” says Eddie. Twenty years later he is still heavily involved in handball not only as a host, but as a direct threat on the courts. Last month Lil’ Eddie made an unexpected appearance during a USWA tournament when Mikey aka “PSP” was short a partner and asked him to play. “Not only was Lil’ Eddie unprepared to compete, but he dominated most of his games. “He plays with such finesse and makes his incredible shots seem effortless” says USWA member Jasmine Ray.

Congratulations to Lil’ Eddie for another successful event, and congratulations to the winners of the 6th annual “B” doubles, Fish & Rich!

Check out complete bracket info below and please support the next NYC handball event – “B” Mixed Doubles, Saturday March 24th at St. John’s Park, Brooklyn, NY, USA. Additional details on the homepage.

(from left) 2nd Place – Angel & Lil’ Carlos, (host) Lil’ Eddie,  1st Place – Rich & Fish

Eric “Lil Eddie” Santiago

“B” Doubles participants Pito & Earl celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


chris/henry alexander/bryce
Tee-Tee/Isaiah tony/dre tony/dre
tony/dre tony/dre
lefty angel/cisco don/spunky
mike/christian angel/cisco
jerry/andrew don/spunky don/spunky
don/spunky don/spunky
joel/johnny(pa) joel/johnny carlos/angel
afriken/mikey k.i./nine
k.i./nine k.i./nine k.i./nine
lance/lefty eddie
brandon/wayne lance/lefty eddie
ariel/mario anthony/camacho
anthony/camacho anthony/camacho carlos/angel
victor/oscar pito/ronald
thomas/miguel pito/ronald
ziggy/andrew thomas/miguel carlos/angel
big mike/anthony arnold/oscar
butter/gus carlos/angel
carlos/angel carlos/angel
dave(grand)/will dave(grand)/will
tony/danny dave(grand)/will
saul/mike tony/danny pazmino/dave
pazmino/dave ruvio pazmino/dave
anthony/georgie pazmino/dave
tuti/iggy anthony/georgie pazmino/dave
arik/anton maldonado/mark
frank/julio frank/julio
miguel/david frank/julio earl/jay
earl/jay earl/jay
alexis/bore earl/jay rich/fish
argenis/pedro alexis/bore
anthony/joshua spyder/G
billy/alvaro spyder/G
victor/johnny victor/johnny spyder/G
nipps/rooster nipps/rooster
johnny/chris johnny/chris rich/fish
chicken/john johnny/chris
frank/joseph rich/fish rich/fish rich/fish