Congratulations “Big Blue” and congratulations to our new Players of the Week, Jojo & China!

This week we have a number of reasons to celebrate in NYC; the Empire State Building lights up our skyline with a “Big Blue” radiance only local residence can truly appreciate, the New York Giants won the Super Bowl, the USWA’s Open Women’s wallball tournament was a success and we are celebrating two new players that have never graced the home page of Wallball World!

The term “good sportsmanship” is one we rarely use to describe our NYC handball players. Although our sport today has progressed in many aspects we are still considered a street sport among the professional athletic community. This weekend the ladies of handball proved to be a positive example for our community and graced our courts with some of the best performances to date, in addition to professional courtesy and support for one another.

The event took off with the top NYC handball players Brenda, Bernice, Maggie & Gladys facing each other in the first round.  Brenda and Bernice have undeniable chemistry and limitless abilities, but the consistency of the opposing team proved to be a winning formula. And although the winners of the USWA Open received a bye in the event, their victory was almost threatened by Bronx bomber Jacela and partner Adrian. However, Jojo and China both have a wide range shot selection and flat “killers” that every opponent fell victim to. “In the finals, Jojo played incredible” says Team Puerto Rico’s Lori Acevedo, “she was hitting rockets! Michelle played like a beast..and much respect the Cherly! She made me nervous after killing three straight shots off a return.” This event was packed full of top talent and great matches!

We also had a number of new players; one in particular that traveled all the way from Pennsylvania to participate. Thank you for your support and welcome to NYC “Big Blue” handball – Sharese, Ashely, Danielle, Karen, Maria, Raquel & Natasha!

In addition to naming our Players of the Week, this week Wallball World would also like to highlight a player that unanimously was voted the event MVP. Congratulations  – Gladys Miranda!

On behalf of the USWA, we would like to thank the ladies of handball for their support in helping to execute a flawless event and wish them much continued success!

Congratulations to our new Players of the Week, Jojo & China!

1st Place – China & Jojo

(left) 2nd Place Team PR Lori & Michelle, (center) 1st Place China & Jojo, (right) 3rd Place MVP Gladys & Maggy


Brackets –

Round 1 –

Ruby & Jessica vs Jasmine & Sophie (21-8)

Brenda & Bernice vs Maggy & Gladys (21-13)

Sharese & Ashley vs Jackie & Julie (21-4)

Michelle & Lori vs Taraisha “Tee Tee” & Cheryl (21-17)

Danielle & Karen vs Adrian & Jacela (21-7)

Sam & Mickey vs Mousey & Maria (21-9)

Raquel & Tiffany vs Anita & Natasha (21-15)

Jojo & China (bye)

Round 2 –

Ruby & Jessica vs Maggy & Gladys (21-10)

Jackie & Julie vs Michelle & Lori (21-10)

Adrian & Jacela vs Sam & Mickey (21-5)

Raquel & Tiffany vs Jojo & China (21-9)

Semi Finals –

Maggy & Gladys vs Michelle & Lori (21-16)

Adrian & Jacela vs Jojo & China (21-14)

Finals –

Michelle & Lori vs Jojo & China (25-19)

Champions –

Jojo & China