Team Puerto Rico Does it Again!

Team Puerto Rico seems to have a formula for success which translates on and off the court, in any language, throughout all countries: UNITY! This team sticks together nationally, internationally, in all divisions and manages to stay on top. This week it is our absolute pleasure to reintroduce you to one of Wallball World’s “Professional Players,” Lori Acevedo and the 2nd time USWA champ, Michelle Melendez!

Lori Acevedo is a well known handball player in the NYC area, with over 12 years of experience under her belt and a hand full of national titles. She recently returned to this sport after the birth of her twin boys, Jeremy and Julian Martinez. It is only a matter of time before the international wall ball community will become familiar with this strong female “lefty.” She is a strong, steady and talented competitor with a fierce appetite for victory! Her partner, Michelle Melendez was recently named our Player of the Week along side her mixed doubles partner and Professional Wall ball Player, Herman Mendez of team PR. Michelle is a fierce competitor who never goes down without a fight. “She has the heart and drive of a true champion…I wouldn’t trade her as a partner,” says Herman Mendez. This is her 2nd USWA title and her first of the 2012 season.

Congratulations to the USWA/LTHA Women’s A/B champions and our new Players of the Week Lori Acevedo & Michelle Melendez!

Read more about Lori Acevedo in our Professional Players section –

Support the women’s division by attending the next USWA / w4th St wallball event – Women’s Open Doubles, February 4th at Guz Indoor Sports Club.

Herman Mendez embraces teammates Lori and Michelle after victory

Michelle Mendez (left), USWA VP and event host Veronica Figuroa (center), Lori Acevedo (right)


Round 1 –

Tina & Mousey vs Veronica & Jasmine (21-19)

Quasia & Marylin vs Lori & Michelle ( 21-4)

Tee Tee & Jessica vs Julie & Kerry ( 21-19)

Sophia & Gladys vs Ruby & Anita (21-19)

Round 2 –

Tina & Mousey vs Lori & Michelle (21-13)

Tee Tee & Jessica vs Ruby & Anita (21-20)

Finals –

Lori & Michelle vs Ruby & Anita (21-15)

Champions –

Lori & Michelle