“The Dream Team”

Do you ever wonder why Brazilians are so good at soccer? Experts agree that it is the accessibility of the sport in Brazil that makes it so popular, especially among the economically disadvantaged. It requires a ball, very little equipment and a lot of heart and determination to excel at this sport. The same could be said of the sport of handball in New York City. It is a proven fact that NYC has developed some of the best handball talent in the world due to the fact that it is extremely accessible in New York and cheap to play.

This past weekend the top two 1-wall big blue handball players in NYC (and possibly the world), Givonni “Human Torch” Vazquez and Timothy “Timbo” Gonzalez joined forces to compete at the first USWA event of 2012. They amazed the crowd with their undeniable chemistry and talent as they blew through the competition with ease.  “It is almost unfair for these two to partner up. There is no one in the world that can take this team out” anonymous. Timbo and Geo have been competing against each other for a number of years, Timbo being the dominant doubles player and Geo the dominant singles player. In 2011 they both made their “small ball” debut at the famous Coney Island handball courts in Brooklyn, NY where they snagged first place defeating top small ball veterans, Joe Caplan and Ceasar Sala in the finals. This year they opened up the USWA Big Blue season defeating team Puerto Rico’s Herman Mendez and Wally Amaro in the Open Men’s finals 25-10.

This is only the beginning for this “dream team.” They plan to dominate 1-wall handball in the US and continue on to compete overseas in this years’ World Championship in Dublin, Ireland. There is no doubt about it, Timbo and Geo are the team to beat and deserve to be named our Players of the Week!

Round 1 –

Lil Eddie & PSP vs Rick & Carlos (21-19)

Chilly Willy & Anthony vs George & Chris (21-17)

Joe & Eric Cruz vs Triple H & Chris (21-6)

Drago & Saul vs Herman & Wally (21-6)

Sam & Johnny vs Justin & Josh (21-10)*

Carlin & Pooch vs Justin & Josh (forfeit)

Equa & Jose vs Ardit & James (21-6)

Ceasar & Oscar vs David & Mikey (21-19)*

David & Mikey vs Edgar & Earl (21-19)

Miguel & Guz vs Timbo & Geo (21-6)

Round 2 –

Lil Eddie & Mikey vs Chilly Willy & Anthony (21-19)

Triple H & Chris vs Herman & Wally (21-12)

Josh & Justin vs Ardit & James (21-16)

David & Mikey vs Timbo & Geo (21-13)

Round 3 –

Lil Eddie & Mikey vs Herman & Wally (21-18)

Justin & Josh vs Timbo & Geo (21-14)

Finals –

Timbo & Geo vs Herman & Wally (25-10)

*played to enter bracket

Guz Indoor Sports Club, Ridgewood, NY, USA

 Givonni Vazquez, Herman Mendez, J.P. Guzman, Timbo Gonzalez, Wally Amaro