The divorce rate in the United States is 50% and it rises to 70% in African-American households; but, give a young girl a solid foundation at home, a life rooted in sports and you breed a champion, a loving mother, a dedicated wife and an ambitious entrepreneur with a heart of gold.

Quasia Watson Ziegler born and raised in Brooklyn to two New York wallball (handball) legends. She was destined to be a major player in the wallball world. While her mother Veronica would play, she wouldn’t let quasia go to the playground because it was too far, so Quasia entertained herself by hitting the ball against the wall.  At 13 years old Quasia won her first junior singles tournament. “I felt like a true champ, like all my hardwork practicing with my Mom in the park was finally paying off,” says Quasia

In High School Quasia played on the handball team and won the championship her freshman year. She failed off the team as a sophomore and the team didn’t make it to the championship. Quasia bounced back the following two years raising her grades and bringing consecutive championships to Boys and Girls High.

Today at only 29 years young Quasia and her husband Chris have been married 9 years and are expecting their second child. Their son Jayden (9 years old) loves to play wallball just like his parents and grandparents. “Once my parents laid the foundation of being a great team I knew that was exactly what I wanted for my marriage and kids. The one thing that stood out to me the most about my parents is how they encouraged each other to be a better than they were yesterday,” says Quasia. We have no doubt that given her tenacity and ambition Quasia will be just as successful in life as she has been on the court.