“I realized at a young age that I was obsessed with Wallball (handball), so I started traveling to get better.”

It’s safe to say that Michael Kenny Ngai has been in love with Wallball since he was 8 years old. Growing up in Bayside Queens, Michael started playing Wallball with close friends in the local park (P.S.46). He began traveling to different parks in New York City to find competition and feed his hunger to get better. There are only few who have a deep connection with the sport and a true passion for competition, Michael is one of them.

“When I started playing competitive handball, I would play 7 days a week for 8-10 hours straight.”

Michael started playing in tournaments at 14 years old. He has gone on to be recognized as one of the best in the game.  Michael has defeated top competition in big tournaments. In France, he defeated Willy Polanco in the Finals 21-20. In Columbia, open singles he defeated “Timbo” in the semifinals to move on and beat “Iggy” in the finals. The story of Champions live on forever as will the memories for Michael.

Now, at  22 years old, Mike is an Education Major at Queens College, swimming coach at The Boys and Girls Club and clocks in as a Uber driver. He has a highly supportive mate who inspires him to reach his goals and continue to fulfill his passion on the court. His wish for Wallball is to make it to an Olympic/professional stage. “Even if i’m not in it I still want it to be at the level where its broadcasted like football and basketball.”

“We are all friends and can laugh at each other because we all share the same interest (Wallball). It’s up to us as a community to continue to push the sport forward. Playing Wallball has taught me camaraderie, so let’s do it together.”