“The Best Gifts in Life are Free”

As Children we naturally do what we love, not what we have to do to survive. A product of East New York, Linden Projects to be exact, Kadeem Bush grew up in Gershwin Park. He played basketball but he was cut from the team. He also played chess at his local park and the tables were located right next to the wallball (aka handball) courts. At age 12 he began to gravitate towards the sport. “They said I couldn’t play wallball and I’ve been proving them wrong ever since.” He was taught the fundamentals by “George from the neighborhood”. Falling in love with the game, Kadeem honed his skills by playing for hours with Brandon Zhang, his best friend at the time.

“You get out what you put in”

Kadeem’s work ethic, wire frame, speed and mental toughness propelled him to the top of the NYC wallball ranks by 2015. This year, he won the Big Blue Ballers Tournament in epic fashion, defeating the sports number one player 21-20 in the finals. Today Kadeem’s biggest inspiration is his girlfriend Jessenia. “My girl likes to watch me play and win, so I try to give it my all to win and make her happy.” That inspiration has helped him remain in the top tier of players today.

Kadeem wants to see handball as an Olympic sport. He also wants to see the youth involved in more clinics so players can develop at an early age. Still in his very early twenties, Kadeem’s potential remains to be seen and we look forward to witnessing his true talent and abilities in the years to come.

Congratulations to Kadeem “The Dream” Bush, WallBall’s Player of the Week!