Since a young man Javier Gonzalez has been able to find inspiration through adversity. At 10 years old he lost his beloved grandfather. “He was like a father to me. I felt like I had nothing. I was really sad and depressed but I told myself if I don’t keep pushing for success I’ll never get what I want” Javier said. At 13 years old Javier felt the joy of hitting a wallball for the first time, although he also felt the pain in his hands. “I wanted to quit because it actually hurt, but my grandpa was always my motivation to overcome and get better at everything.”

Javier played wallball everyday for hours and was often the youngest player on the court. His love for the game and vibrant personality made him a favorite amongst players. Then, unexpectedly Javier’s life changed drastically as he became a casualty of family issues. He was forced to move to Mexico and missed 3 semesters of school. “I lived in Mexico Puebla. I had a ball and found a small wall but no one to play against so I practiced by myself during that time,” said Javier.

Today, Javier is 17 years old, back in the United States and attends Telecommunications High School of Arts and Technology. He is looking forward to attending college as a computer Science Major and is working towards becoming pro level wallball athlete. “My number 1 favorite player is Tavo. He’s my idol because he’s really humble and he’s taught me how to be humble on and off the courts.”

Welcome back Javier aka “Lil Tavo,” our new Player of the Week!