This week we’d like to congratulate our Red Bull Slaps Women’s Division Champions, Danielle Daskalakis and Sandy Ng. Being partners for 8 years, they’ve learned each other’s weaknesses and strengths in which they use to their advantage on the court. We interviewed one of the champions, Danielle Dalaskalakis, in which she explains some of the techniques they use when competing in tournaments together.

Q: How did you and Sandy officially meet and decide to be partners?

  • We met at this local park called Bedford. We played against each other for the first time there but it wasn’t until a couple years later that we teamed up for nationals in 2009.

Q: How do you both use your skills to help each other? Are you the power player and she sets up shots for you or vice versa?

  • I think Sandy’s defensive play and steadiness allows me to be more aggressive and go for more shots. I think we can both be power players. Sandy also has the ability to go for rally ending shots which helps as well.

Q: Does your chemistry with Sandy also play a part in how well you both play as a team?

  • Yes, I think it mixes well. I’m more tactical and experimental with shots, serves, body blocking. Her patience with me, whether it was successful or not helps a lot as well. Sandy also know when to yell at me and keep me level headed and focused.

Q: What motivated you both to play hard during Red Bull Slaps this year?

  • Well, two years went by in which we haven’t been able to play together in tournaments as much due to work and school. Prior to Red Bull Slaps, we played in two other tournaments in which we didn’t do so good in. We didn’t have the same aggression and confidence. So come Red Bull, Sandy and I were both fired up and at least for my mindset I said I was going to put it all out there. Kill and drive everything and make sure everyone remembers why we are the team to beat.

Q: Who was your toughest opponent when competing in Slaps?

  • I think each team we played was tough and played differently. The toughest of the tournament was Christina Torres & Melissa Sky which we played in the semifinals.

Q: How did it feel to be the Red Bull Slaps Champions for the Female Division?

  • Definitely glad to have won another Red Bull Slaps title with Sandy. It felt really good to play well enough to silence the crowd.