Normalcy is what makes you part of the crowd, character is what makes you stand out from the crowd and drive is what makes you rise above the crowd. So far this year we’ve recognized athletes that not only perform well on the court, but who’s ambition, character and charisma shine off the court as well. While many athletes tend to carry the same passion and dedication as we do for wallball it’s important to have a healthy balance of work and play, friends and family.
One day while hanging out in Brooklyn’s Victory Field Park, Chris Show hit the blue ball for the first time; that was 10 years ago. Since then he’s managed to climb the ranks of the very best in the sport but not without prioritizing his responsibilities. Chris is one of six children raised by a single mother. At the age of 3 he lost his father and grew up watching his Mom work hard to provide for their family. Her strength, independence and ambition transcends through him. He embraces the fact that nothing in life comes easy and is willing to work hard for what he wants.
Chris grew up playing baseball and was awarded an athletic scholarship to Norwood University in West palm Beach, Florida but it was there when he developed a love for wallball. He sought out the best players in Florida for practice and upon his return to New York, Chris quickly climbed the wallball ranks beginning with a “C” doubles tournament win. Today Chris is a Pro level wallball athlete competing side by side among the best in the sport but he takes pride in having his priorities in order. “Family, business…then, wallball,” Chris says. In fact, him and his Mom are business partners. Chris not only is part owner of a liquor store in his local neighborhood but he is also pursuing the real estate market. Chris still looks forward to engaging in high level competition on the court and like most players wallball is therapeutic for him. “It gets your mind off everything that’s going on in life. It feels like a pause in time when you’re playing wallball.” Chris a great example of an athlete still attaining success on the court while keeping his priorities in order and it is for that reason why Chris Show is our new Player of the Week!