Armando is a tremendously talented pro athlete in the sport of 4-wall ball (handball) that has yet to demonstrate his full potential. Ortiz has been playing wall ball since the age of six. Adopting the nickname, “The King Of Hearts” Mando counts his blessings regardless of his circumstances. At the young age of 21 Ortiz had to undergo Aortic Valve heart surgery to treat an abnormal heart beat. Doctors predicted that Armando would never play wall ball again due to his heart condition, however that was unacceptable to him. He began training his body to undergo stress by jogging, biking and balancing his meals to make sure his blood didn’t get too thick and would not interfere with his aortic valve replacement.

Within a year Mando was back on the WPH Race 4 Eight pro tournaments and in 2013 Ortiz demonstrated just how much heart he really has. In the first round of the 2013 “Players Championship” Armando was scheduled to play the number one 4-wall player in the world, Paul Brady. According to Mando this was his golden opportunity to showcase just how far his training has come by pulling off the greatest upset of the year by defeating  Brady. Since then Ortiz has risen to greatness and has been steadily progressing with victories over every major pro wall ball player, including a championship in February 2016 in Houston.

Armando is a phenomenal wall ball player but more importantly, he’s an outstanding human being with the heart of a gold. He has a “go getter” attitude and believes anything is possible if you work hard enough for it. When asked what advice would he gives young fans who look up to him and aspire to be like him Mando replies, “to never give up and never let anyone tell you what you can or can’t do.” He also wants his fans to always keep positive and reach for the stars. Armando is a great role model for the youth today and we wish him much success in what already seems to be a very promising future!

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week, Armando Ortiz Jr.