Written By: Matt Mantro

As we inch closer to the summer season, tournaments continue to ignite a fire in the handball community with players gearing  up to play outdoors all summer long.  The 2016 B division is hotter than ever and among top B players is Tylor Dieguez, who with one post displayed tremendous individual growth as a Wallball player.

Finishing second in any tournament is hard but doing so as the clear favorite can be agonizing. After a stunning upset by K.I. and Nine, and a subsequent missed handshake one would have expected Tylor to display behavior unbecoming of a champ.  Instead, he posted an open letter on his Facebook page to his partner apologizing for and acknowledging his self described bad attitude during the final match.

Some people applauded Tylor for the post and others taunted him for the perceived weakness but what it shows is tremendous growth.  Wallball is ultra competitive and passions run deep.  Displaying this type of sportsmanship goes a long way, and if more athletes adopted this approach then the community as a whole can benefit.

This week we feature Tylor as player of the week not for winning a tournament but for displaying the type of character growth that is lacking in our sport but is desperately needed!