Strong hand: Right hand

Favorite Music Artist: Shawn Mendes

Favorite food: Lasagna

Q: Do you prefer to play singles or doubles?

Doubles, only because I have astmah, however I’m working on my singles game by playing more singles, eating better, getting workouts in my everyday routine so that way I can progress in that department. I’ll play singles anyday, I enjoy a challenge.

Q: What is your favorite part of handball?

A: The diversity. I love how different ethnicities, genders and sizes can all come together without any discrimination and playing the one sport we love! Dispite all the bad things happening in this world, the handball community is a reminder of where ever there is bad, there is good.

Q: Who do you admire as a handball player?

A: That’s a tough one. Growing up I always looked at Carlito (Carlos Mata) as someone to look up to because of his humbleness. At his prime he always let his game speak for himself. Now I would have to say Kadeem and from the females Jojo and Danielle.

Q: Why Kadeem?

A: He’s such a warm spirit and hes always happy and that makes me look forward to watching his games. Win or lose he takes all his games as a lesson learned and experience under his belt. I never witnessed him get out of hand in the box with players nor any refs. Handball needs more players with sportsmanship like him.

Q: When and how did you learn to bake?

A: I learned to bake when I was 13 watching the food network channel. There was this guy named Duff Goldman and I used to watch his show called Ace of Cakes. Then I started watching Cake Boss and I fell in love when I got to high school I just started teaching myself.

Q: How long has “Savannahs Sweets” been in business?

A:This summer with make 2 years. It keeps me super busy aside from teaching, doing classes online and being a full time mom. But it’s all worth it.

I’m finishing my associates and I’m going to continue to my bachelors degree for childhood education. LaGuardia CC

Q: 2019 Goals?

A: Theres a lot! Making sure my daughter gets into a great school is one. Oh man how I’m praying for that and publishing a cook book. I just have to get started. Most of all maintaining my happiness and living life to the fullest everyday that goes by.

Q: How do you feel about wallball and what part do you play in the game?

A: The sport had a positive effect on me and it has been a big part of my life since my parents played. A lot has changed from growing up in St. James park, especially for the woman. Woman are getting more recognition in this sport (in my opinion at least) because of people who play a huge role in the sport, such as Jasmine of course, Veronica, also known as Ms.V, China and Mousie, Tina and Sheena and a few others. They put woman on the map since this is a male dominated sport. I play my role in showing support and play in as many tournaments I can to show love to the woman.

Congratulations to our new Player of the Week – Tiffany Mercado